Roelant Savery
Roelant Savery (or Roeland(t) Maertensz Saverij, or de Savery, or many variants ) (1576 - buried 25 February 1639), was a Flanders-born Dutch Golden Age painter.
Savery was born in Kortrijk. Like...
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Gerard van Honthorst
Gerard van Honthorst (Gerrit van Honthorst) (4 November 1592 – 27 April 1656) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Early in his career he visited Rome, where he had great success painting in a style ...
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Abraham Willaerts
Abraham Willaerts (c. 1603 - 18 October 1669) was a Dutch Baroque painter, mostly of marine and harbor scenes.
Willaerts was born in Utrecht, the son of the painter Adam Willaerts. He trained with...
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Steven van Herwijck
Steven Cornelisz. van Herwijck (Utrecht c. 1530–London 1565/67), was a Netherlandish sculptor and gem engraver famous for his portrait medallions and medals. It has recently been suggested that he is...
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Paulus Moreelse
Paulus Moreelse (1571 – 6 March 1638) was a Dutch painter, mainly of portraits.
Moreelse was born and lived whole his life in Utrecht. He was a pupil of the Delft portrait painter Michiel J...
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Johannes van Haensbergen
Johannes (Jan) van Haensbergen (1642–1705) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
He was registered in the Utrecht Guild of St. Luke in 1668 and in 1669 he was registered in the Confrerie Pictura in The ...
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Charles Cornelisz. de Hooch
Charles Cornelisz. de Hooch (ca.1600, Haarlem – 1638, Utrecht), was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.
According to Houbraken he was listed in Samuel Ampzing's lof der Haerlem as a painte...
David Davidsz de Heem
David Davidsz de Heem (1570–1632) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
David Davidze de Heem was born and died in Utrecht. According to Houbraken, he was the father of Jan Davidsz de Heem who ma...
Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot
Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot or Droogsloot (1586 – May 14, 1666), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Droochsloot was born and died in Utrecht. According to Houbraken his village scenes (Boereke...
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Jacob van Bunnik
Jacob van Bunnik (ca. 1655, Utrecht – 1725, Utrecht), was a Dutch Golden Age painter of battle scenes and the brother of Jan van Bunnik.
According to Houbraken he accompanied his brother Jan...
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Theodor van Pee
Theodorus van Pee (1668–1746) was an 18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands.
Van Pee was born in Amsterdam. According to Houbraken he was the son of the Amsterdam painter Jan va...
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Abraham Bloemaert
Abraham Bloemaert (1566 - 27 January 1651) was a Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving. He was one of the "Haarlem Mannerists" from about 1585, but in the new century altered his style...
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Hendrick Bloemaert
Hendrick Bloemaert (1601 or 1602 – 30 December 1672) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Hendrick was the oldest son of Abraham Bloemaert. His brothers Cornelis and Adriaen were also painters. I...
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Hendrick Munniks
Hendrick Munniks, Munnicks, or Munnekus (c1600 – 1664), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
He was probably born in Utrecht where he appears in the archives under the name Munnekus or Munniks. H...
Jan van Bijlert
Jan Hermansz van Bijlert (1597 or 1598 – November 1671) was a Dutch painter whose style was influenced initially by Caravaggio.
Jan van Bijlert was born in Utrecht, the son of the stained glass wo...
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Balthasar van der Ast
Balthasar van der Ast (1593/94 – 7 March 1657) was a Dutch Golden Age painter who specialized in still lifes of flowers and fruit, as well as painting a number of remarkable shell still lifes; h...
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Jan Baptist Weenix
Jan Baptist Weenix (1621–1660?), a painter of the Dutch Golden Age. Despite his relatively brief career, he was a very productive and versatile painter. His favourite subjects were Italian lands...
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Dirck van Baburen
Dirck Jaspersz. van Baburen (c. 1595 – 21 February 1624) was a Dutch painter associated with the Utrecht Caravaggisti.
Dirck van Baburen was probably born in Wijk bij Duurstede, but his family mov...
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Adam Willaerts
Adam Willaerts (21 July 1577 – 4 April 1664) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Willaerts (occasionally Willarts, Willers) was born in London to Flemish parents who had fled from Antwerp for re...
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Jan Vermeer van Utrecht
Jan Vermeer van Utrecht (16 February 1630 (bapt.) – c. 1696) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Though he was born near Delft, there is no known relation between this painter and Johannes Vermeer.
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Herman Saftleven
Herman Saftleven the Younger (1609 - 5 January 1685 (buried)), was a Dutch painter of the Baroque period.
Born in Rotterdam, Saftleven lived most of his life (1632–1685) in Utrecht. His brothers, ...
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Gijsbert d'Hondecoeter
Gijsbert d'Hondecoeter (1604 – 29 August 1653) was a Dutch landscape and animalier painter.Hondecoeter belonged to a family of painters. His father was Gillis d'Hondecoeter and his son was Melch...
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Jan Weenix
Jan Weenix or Joannis Wenix (between 1640/1649 – 19 September 1719 (buried)) was a Dutch painter. He was trained by his father, Jan Baptist Weenix, together with his cousin Melchior d'Hondecoeter. Lik...
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Nikolaus Knüpfer
Nikolaus Knüpfer (1609 – 1655) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
Knüpfer was trained in Leipzig, where according to Houbraken he was apprenticed to Emanuel Nysen. He then moved to Magdeburg wh...
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