Middle Ages
In European history, the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of...
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GUEST: Colin Donovan Vice President of Theology for EWTN Topic: Is the Devil Real?
Biserica Domnească din Curtea de Argeș-Princely Church Curtea de Argeș-Ιεροσ Ναοσ Αγιοu Νικολαου
Biserica datează din anul 1352, fiind realizată în cruce greacă înscrisă. Biserica Sfântul Nicolae Domnesc este unul dintre cele mai reprezentative monumente ale arhitecturii românești medievale, fiin...
Laser Technology Discovers Over 60,000 Structures from Maya Civilization
This breakthrough discovery changes everything archeologists previously thought about this ancient culture.
How Dark Were the Dark Ages?
Not as dark as you've been told.
Is it "forbidden" to say the Giza people built these "Inca" buildings in Europe? Sardina, etc..
MYTH: The Fourth Dynasty reigned in Egypt, localised there. REALITY: The Fourth Dynasty is a modern historical representation for an ancient culture of WORLD...
Cardinal Ratzinger’s 2004 Letter Forbids Catholics to Vote for Hillary Clinton Under Pain of Mortal Sin
There are currently dishonest self-professed Catholics who are shamelessly distorting an out of context footnote from a letter by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004 to promote voting for pro-abortion …
Leaked Emails Show Clinton Camp Mocking Catholics
A newly released email exchange shows Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Clinton campaign communications director Jen Palmieri, and Center for American Progress fellow John Halpin sharin...
DNA In London Grave May Help Solve Mysteries Of The Great Plague
Scientists can use samples from skeletons’ teeth to answer lingering questions about the Black Death.
Amazing Things We’ve Learned From 800 Ancient Skull Surgeries
The practice of trepanation was surprisingly successful and was seen more often during the Inca heyday due to the weapons used in war.
Experts Doubt That a Teen Found a Lost Maya City
A Canadian teen says he discovered a lost Maya city using ancient star maps and satellite images provided by NASA and Google. As the remarkable story went viral yesterday, a number of experts spoke ou...
Teen Discovers Mayan City From Star Maps
“I believe that children are our future,” as Whitney Houston sang. “Teach them well and let them use star maps to find undiscovered Mayan cities.”
The Viking Berserkers – Fierce Warriors Or Drug-Fuelled Madmen?
Today, the word ‘berserk’ is used to describe anyone in an irrational, agitated state of mind who cannot or does not control his or her actions.
View From Space Hints At A New Viking Site In North America
A thousand years after the Vikings braved the icy seas from Greenland to the New World in search of timber and plunder, satellite technology has found intriguing evidence of a long-elusive prize in ar...
Charlemagne: One Of The Most Important Figures Of Early Medieval Europe
Charlemagne (known also as Charles the Great, as well as Charles I) was a King of the Franks, the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire (though the term ‘Holy Roman Empire’ would only be
Late Antique Little Ice Age: Volcanic Eruptions Helped Trigger Fall Of Eastern Roman And Rise Of Arab Empire
A 'Late Antique Little Ice Age' 1,500 years ago, triggered by three large volcanic eruptions, contributed to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (aka Byzantine Empire) and the rise of the Arab Empire...
Late Antiquity
Late Antiquity is a periodization used by historians to describe the time of transition from classical antiquity to the Middle Ages, in both mainland Europe and the Mediterranean world. Precise bounda...
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Decline of the Roman Empire
The causes and mechanisms of the decline of the Roman Empire are a historical theme that was introduced by historian Edward Gibbon in his 1776 book The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. He started...
Migration period
The Migration Period, also known as the Völkerwanderung ("migration of peoples" in German) or Barbaric invasions, was a period of intensified human migration in Europe often defined, from the period w...
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Francia or Frankia, also called the Kingdom of the Franks or Frankish Kingdom (Latin: Regnum Francorum), Frankish Empire, Frankish Realm or occasionally Frankland, was the territory inhabited and ...
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Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire, alternatively known as the Eastern Roman Empire, was the predominantly Greek-speaking eastern half continuation and remainder of the Roman Empire during Late Antiquit...
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Fall of the Western Roman Empire
The Fall of the Western Roman Empire (also called Fall of the Roman Empire or Fall of Rome) was the period of decline in the Western Roman Empire in which it lost the power to enforce its rule, and...
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Christianization (or Christianisation) is the conversion of individuals to Christianity or the conversion of entire groups at once. It may also refer to the forced imposition of a Christian society. V...
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Muslim conquests
According to traditional accounts, the Muslim conquests (Arabic: الغزوات‎, al-Ġazawāt or Arabic: الفتوحات الإسلامية‎, al-Futūḥāt al-Islāmiyya) also referred to as the Islamic conq...
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Islamic Golden Age
The Islamic Golden Age refers to the period in the history of Islam during the Middle Ages when much of the Muslim world was ruled by various caliphates, experiencing a scientific, economic, and cultu...
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The Reconquista ("reconquest") is a period of approximately 781 years in the history of the Iberian Peninsula, after the Islamic conquest in 711 to the fall of Granada, the last Islamic state on the p...
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Carolingian Empire
The Carolingian Empire (800–888 AD) was the final stage in the history of the early medieval realm of the Franks, ruled by the Carolingian dynasty.The size of the empire at its zenith around 800...
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Carolingian Renaissance
The Carolingian Renaissance, the first of three medieval renaissances, was a period of cultural activity in the Carolingian Empire occurring from the late eighth century to the ninth century, taking i...
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Medieval Warm Period
The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), Medieval Climate Optimum, or Medieval Climatic Anomaly was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region that may also have been related to other climate events ...
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Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire (Latin: Sacrum Romanum Imperium, German: Heiliges Römisches Reich) was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle ...
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