Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single 'electronic bomb'
Russia has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming.
Fox News Exclusive: Hacker 'Guccifer' Casts Doubt on Obama Administration's Russia Hacking Claims
Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, weighing in from a prison 3,700 miles away on the latest diplomatic dust-up between the U.S. and Russia
Global cyber attack slows but experts see risk of fresh strikes
A global cyber attack described as unprecedented in scale forced a major European automaker to halt some production lines while hitting schools in China and ...
Anonymous - Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to This! (CERN ALERT MESSAGE 2017-2018)
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Anonymous hacker knocks 20pc of dark web offline in campaign against child pornography
A hacker associated with Anonymous knocked a fifth of the websites on the dark web offline over the weekend in an unprecedented cyber attack that reveals how anything connected to the internet is at r...
Who Is Reality Winner?
The 25-year-old Air Force Veteran has been charged with mailing classified material to a news outlet.
3 man I.T. SPY ring busted in Congress! Maria Bartiromo goes Ballistic.
Chiefs of staff for dozens of Democratic lawmakers who employed the four were informed last week that a criminal probe was underway into their use of congres...
Cyber sabotage? US govt hackers reportedly penetrate Russian infrastructure
Russia expects Washington to provide an explanation after a report claimed that Pentagon cyber-offensive specialists have hacked into Russia’s power grids, t...
Why Today’s Attacks on the Internet Are Just the Start
Thanks to powerful new botnets, hackers now have the ability to knock major companies—even whole countries—offline.
U.S. Blames Russia for Recent Hacks
The U.S. intelligence community took the extraordinary step Friday of directly accusing the Russian government of attempting to interfere in the coming U.S. elections by purposefully leaking emails ha...
‘No wonder US blaming Russians for cyber attacks’ – security expert
Hackers have been a major theme in the U.S. presidential election - and mainstream media have turned Russia into a key cyber war adversary. However just a co...
N.S.A. Contractor Arrested In Possible New Theft Of Secrets
A contractor is thought to have taken the highly classified “source code” developed by the agency to break into computer systems of foreign governments.
The Exotic Dancer Who Became WWI’s Most Notorious Spy
Exotic, alluring and endlessly mysterious, the dancer known as Mata Hari took Europe by storm in the early 20th century with her risqué, Asian-influenced striptease routines.
Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Accused Of Giving CIA Information
Shakram Amiri went missing in 2009 after leaving for a pilgrimage to Mecca, but appeared in a video in which he claimed to have been put under pressure to 'reveal information' to the CIA.
America Uses Stealthy Submarines To Hack Other Countries’ Systems
When Donald Trump effectively called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails Wednesday, the GOP nominee's remarks touched off a (predictable) media firestorm. Here was a presidential candidat...
Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single 'electronic bomb'
Russia has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming.
Sheep dip (computing)
Sheep dip (computing) is a dedicated computer which is used to test files on removable media for viruses before they are allowed to be used with other computers.Such machines are a normal first line o...
Intelligence collection management
Intelligence collection management is the process of managing and organizing the collection of intelligence from various sources. The collection department of an intelligence organization may attempt...
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Gorgon Stare
Gorgon Stare is a video capture technology developed by the United States military. It is a spherical array of nine cameras attached to an aerial drone. The US Air Force calls it "wide-area surveillan...
Operation High Roller
Operation High Roller was a series of fraud in the banking system in different parts of the world that used cyber-collection agents in order to collect PC and smart-phone information to electronically...
SIGINT Activity Designator
A SIGINT Activity Designator (or SIGAD) identifies a signals intelligence (SIGINT) line of collection activity associated with a signals collection station, such as a base or a ship. For example, the ...
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Albanian Subversion
The Albanian Subversion (Albanian: Përmbysja e Shqipërisë) is one of the earliest and most notable failures of the Western covert paramilitary operations behind the Iron Curtain. The British SIS a...
Reconnaissance is the military term for exploring beyond the area occupied by friendly forces to gain vital information about enemy forces or features/ fixtures of the environment for later analysis a...
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Tallinn Manual
The Tallinn Manual (Original title: Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare) is an academic, non-binding study on how international law, in particular the jus ad bellum and...