52nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
The 52nd Infantry Brigade was a Scottish formation in the British Army. It was formed and disbanded several times during the 20th Century.
It began its existence in September 1914 as a formation o...
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Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul
Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul was a civil-military unit tasked to assist the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan deliver government and security in the southern province of Zabul....
Provincial Reconstruction Team Helmand
The Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was established in September 2004. It was led by the US until 1 May 2006, when this responsibility was handed to the UK. HPRT ceased operations in Las...
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Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan
The Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan (CSTC-A), pronounced "see stick-uh," is a multinational military formation. Its primary role is the training and development of Afghan security f...
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Nawa-I-Barakzayi District
Nāwa-I-Barakzāyi District (Pashto: ناوۀ بارکزائی‎ /Persian: ناوۀ بارکزائی‎) is an administrative district in Helmand Province, Afghanistan located south of the provincial capital of La...
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List of Afghan Armed Forces installations
This is a list of Afghan Armed Forces installations used by the Afghan National Army and the ANA Commando BrigadeThe main units are Corps size:
Forward Operating Base Delhi
64°11′22″E / 31.13278°N 64.18944°E / 31.13278; 64.18944FOB Delhi in Afghanistan is a military expeditionary base occupied by the United States Marine Corps. It is along the H...
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Camp Dwyer
Camp Dwyer is a former military camp of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) located within the Helmand River Valley in Garmsir District, Afghanistan.
The base was originally a forward operating ...
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