Parapoynx diminutalis
Parapoynx diminutalis is a species of moth of the Crambidae family. It is endemic to south-east Asia, including the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, but has since been ...
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Isocentris filalis
Isocentris filalis is a moth of the Crambidae family. It is found in Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, La Réunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Togo Indonesia (Java) and Taiwan.Adulta are bright yellow in colour.T...
Trigonodes hyppasia
Trigonodes hyppasia is a moth formerly of the Noctuidae family. The Noctuidae family of moths are mostly classified in the family Erebidae now, along with all of the former members of the families Ar...
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Thysanoplusia exquisita
Thysanoplusia exquisita is a moth of the Noctuidae family. it is found in southern Africa, from Angola to Madagascar and South Africa, as well as in Oman, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.
Known ho...
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Crocidosema plebejana
Crocidosema plebejana is a tortrix moth (family Tortricidae), belonging to tribe Eucosmini of subfamily Olethreutinae. It is found today all over the subtropical and tropical regions of the world and...
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Staga is a monotypic genus of moths of the Noctuidae family, containing the single species Staga producta from Madagascar.
Ophiusa hopei
Ophiusa hopei is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is endemic to Madagascar.
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Lygropia ochracealis
Lygropia ochracealis is a moth of the Crambidae family. It is found in Madagascar.This species is of yolk-yellow colour with blackish-brown markings.The wingspan of this species is approx. 28 mm....
Diptychia is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.The only known species of this genus is Diptychia rhodotenia .
Sitotroga cerealella
The Angoumois Grain Moth (Sitotroga cerealella) is a species of gelechioid moth. It is the type species of its genus Sitotroga, placed in the subfamily Pexicopiinae of the twirler moth family (Gelechi...
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Leucania loreyi
The Cosmopolitan (Leucania loreyi) is a species of moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in most of Africa, the Indo-Australian subtropics and tropics, the eastern Palearctic ecozone and the Near ...
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Macroglossum aesalon
Macroglossum aesalon is a moth of the Sphingidae family. It is known from Madagascar, Mauritius and the Comoro Islands.The abdomen upperside has four orange lateral patches, the firsst and fourth gene...
Botyodes andrinalis
Botyodes andrinalis is a species of moth of the Crambidae family. It is found in Madagascar.Its wingspan is 48–55 mm, with a length of the forewings of 23-27mm. The males are smaller than the fe...
Hypsopygia mauritialis
Hypsopygia mauritialis is a moth of the Pyralidae family. It is a widespread species, known from Africa, India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Hawaii.The wingspan is 16–21 mm.The l...
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Rodolphia is a genus of moths in the Sesiidae family containing only one species, Rodolphia hombergi, which is known from Madagascar.