Acropolis Rally
The Acropolis Rally of Greece (Greek: Ράλλυ Ακρόπολις) is a rally competition, part of the European Rally Championship schedule. The rally is held on very dusty, rough and rocky mountain roads aro...
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1973 Acropolis Rally
The 1973 Acropolis Rally was the 21st running of the Acropolis Rally, and the fifth round of the inaugural World Rally Championship season. Run in late-May on the punishing hot gravel roads of centra...
Nicholas Tombazis
Nicholas Tombazis (born April 22, 1968 in Athens, Greece) is a racing car designer who has worked in Formula One since 1992, for the Benetton, McLaren and Ferrari teams.Tombazis graduated with a degre...
2009 Acropolis Rally
The 2009 Acropolis Rally of Greece was the 56th running of the Acropolis Rally and the seventh round of the 2009 World Rally Championship season. The rally consisted of 17 special stages. Ford's Mikko...
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A1 Team Greece
The A1 Team Greece was the Greek team of A1 Grand Prix, an international racing series.
A1 Team Greece owner was Stathis Basios. The Team was managed by Arena Motorsport.
2007 Acropolis Rally
Results of Acropolis Rally (54th BP Ultimate Acropolis Rally of Greece), 8th round of 2007 World Rally Championship, was run on May 31 - June 3:
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2008 Acropolis Rally
The 2008 Acropolis Rally of Greece was the seventh round of the 2008 World Rally Championship. It took place between May 29-June 1.
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2006 Acropolis Rally
The 2006 Acropolis Rally was the eighth round of the 2006 World Rally Championship season. It took place between June 1–4, 2006.
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2011 Acropolis Rally
The 2011 Acropolis Rally was the seventh round of the 2011 World Rally Championship season. The rally took place over 17–19 June, and was based in Loutraki, 85 kilometres (52.8 mi) outside the co...
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