A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewin...
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Henri Matisse: A Master of the Modern Era
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://TWITTER.COM/PAPPASARTS http://PAPPASARTS.WORDPRESS.COM Henri Matisse: A Master of the Modern Era. A Documentary for educational purposes.
Quantum gold rush: the private funding pouring into quantum start-ups
A Nature analysis explores the investors betting on quantum technology. The science is immature and a multi-purpose quantum computer doesn’t yet exist. But that isn’t stopping investors pouring cash ...
Revolve Around a Black Hole Accretion Disk in Amazing Visualization
In this animation, a complete revolution around a black hole and its accretion disk is shown -- Black Holes: Facts, Theory, and Definition
Fearless Nadia: The First Stunt Woman Of Hindi Cinema
Mary Ann Evans, also known by her stage name Fearless Nadia was an actress and first stuntwoman of Indian Cinema. She was one of the biggest stars in the 1940s.
How Aluminum May Have Collapsed the Twin Towers
Aluminum, a principal material used in planes, is softer, lighter and more flexible than iron or steel. It could also be the reason the twin towers fell so quickly. From: THE MISSING EVIDENCE: 9/11 S...
Where did Russia come from?
View full lesson: Russia is the biggest country in the world, spanning one-eighth of the earth’s landmass. But where did it all begin...
The Only Existing Footage Of 1st Plane Hitting WTC
Footage taken by the Naudet brothers on 9/11.
Cryodrakon Boreas: Enormous, Dinosaur-eating Reptile Is One of the Biggest Flying Creatures Ever Discovered
The pterosaur, discovered in Alberta, Canada, had a wingspan of up to 32 feet.
Two new species of electric eel come as a shock to biologists
It was thought that there was only one species of electric eel but a new survey finds there are three, and one has set a new record for its electric discharge
46 High DA Dofollow Photo Sharing Sites List 2019 | WP SpaceX
Photo sharing has become one of the most common aspects of the internet. With websites like Instagram and Flickr that are completely based on photo sharing, people are widely uploading and sharing pho...
40+ Best Photo Sharing Sites List For SEO in 2019 | WP MarketX
Are you looking to improve SEO for your website through the Off-Page SEO technique? So, here is a good method to improve SEO, and you can do this through the Best Photo Sharing Sites List available he...
Congresul al XIV - lea al P.C.R.
Congresul al 14-lea al Partidului Comunist Roman
Biserica Domnească din Curtea de Argeș-Princely Church Curtea de Argeș-Ιεροσ Ναοσ Αγιοu Νικολαου
Biserica datează din anul 1352, fiind realizată în cruce greacă înscrisă. Biserica Sfântul Nicolae Domnesc este unul dintre cele mai reprezentative monumente ale arhitecturii românești medievale, fiin...
Jordan Peterson: Postmodernism: How and why it must be fought
This is a clip from a 2017 Manning Centre Conference (February 23-25 in Ottawa), where I spoke along with Professor Gad Saad and John Carpay, President of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedo...
Boris Johnson: The Life of Boris
Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, is a man who does not shy from the media’s spotlight. From his not-quite-so humble beginnings as a journalist at the Telegraph, to becoming a champion Brexi...