Stephens Island Wren
The Stephens Island wren or Lyall's wren (Xenicus (Traversia) lyalli) was a nocturnal, flightless, insectivorous passerine belonging to the family of New Zealand wrens. It was driven extinct, apparen...
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Museums in North Korea
This is a list of museums in North Korea.
List of museums in South Korea
There are over 500 museums and galleries in South Korea.
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National Mining Museum, Zimbabwe
The National Mining Museum is dedicated to showcasing Zimbabwe's mining heritage. It was developed by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe. The museum is located in Kwekwe, a town in centr...
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Gourmet Museum and Library
The Gourmet Museum and Library (French: Bibliothèque et musée de la Gourmandise) is a museum dedicated to the history of gastronomy, located in Hermalle-sous-Huy, province of Liège, Belgium.
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Alexandre Sènou Adandé Ethnographic Museum
The Alexandre Sènou Adandé Ethnographic Museum is a museum in Porto-Novo, Benin. It was established in 1957 by the Dahomey Institute.
Time Tunnel (museum)
The TIME TUNNEL is Malaysia’s first memorabilia museum. Located in Brinchang, it is recognised as one of the main attractions of the Cameron Highlands. It is approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) f...
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Eketorp is an Iron Age fort in southeastern Öland, Sweden, which was extensively reconstructed and enlarged in the Middle Ages. Throughout the ages the fortification has served a variety of somewhat d...
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Museums in Turkey
Following the proclamation of the Republic, Turkish museums developed considerably, mainly due to the importance Atatürk had attached to the research and exhibition of artifacts of Anatolia. When the ...
List of museums in Nigeria
This is a list of museums in Nigeria.
Vatican Museums
The Vatican Museums (Italian: Musei Vaticani) are the museums of the Vatican City and are located within the city's boundaries. They display works from the immense collection built up by the Popes...
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