Museums in Germany
This is a list of museums and galleries in Germany.
Wilhelm Kobelt
Wilhelm Kobelt (February 20, 1840 – March 26, 1916) was a German zoologist born in Alsfeld, Grand Duchy of Hesse. He specialized in the field of malacology.Kobelt is remembered for his work as c...
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Portrait of Cardinal Ludovico Trevisan
The Portrait of Cardinal Ludovico Trevisan is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna, dated to c. 1459-1460.
The identification of the painting's subject as the Venetian card...
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European Bread Museum
The Europäisches Brotmuseum (European Bread Museum), in Ebergötzen in South Lower Saxony, Germany, is a rurally located museum dedicated to the historical development of breadmaking and related subje...
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