Surprise find: Pompeii residents had 'perfect teeth'
High-tech scans of Pompeii residents killed in the long-ago eruption of Mount Vesuvius have provided two revelations: They had amazing teeth, and many were killed by falling masonry and other objects—...
Archaeologists Unearth Intact Pre-Roman Tomb In Pompeii
It’s one of the most famous natural disasters in history. On August 24, 79 A.D., Mount Vesuvius erupted, sending floods of ash, pumice and other debris onto the city of Pompeii, located at the volcano...
Messner's sixth mountain museum, designed by Zaha Hadid, opens
A striking museum on top of Mount Kronplatz in South Tyrol, and offering remarkable views of the Dolomites, will welcome its first paying guests tomorrow.
How Peggy Guggenheim Became The Queen of Modern Art
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection sits on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, a somewhat unassuming one-story, white-walled palace that is filled with one of the most visited collections of modern a...
World premiere of Vivaldi's earliest known work
The newly-discovered earliest known work by Italian baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi is being premiered at a concert on Monday in Florence, at the city's renowned Uffizi art museum.
Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Italy
Built more than 400 years ago, this villa in the Italian town of Tivoli is one of the finest examples of renaissance architecture and gardens in the world.
Decorated Ceilings of the Vatican Museums or Interview with God
Vatican museums are among the richest in the world. Not surprising. During the last two thousand years, the Christian sect from Palestine, which has developed into one of the most powerful organizatio...
Galleria Ferrari on Vimeo
Shooted in Maranello at Ferrari museum. Music from Transformers OST.
Paestum is the classical Roman name of a major Graeco-Roman city in the Campania region of Italy. It is located in the north of Cilento, near the coast about...
Life in Pompeii stopped in its tracks in 79 a.d. when the thriving city was buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Today, excavations of this once booming c...
No trip to Florence is complete without a visit to the masterpiece-packed Uffizi Gallery. On a single floor, travelers experience a thrilling sweep through a...
Pompeii - Wonders of Pompeii
Destroyed by Mt.Vesuvius on the 24th. August 79AD. Lost for 1600 years before being discovered again in 1748. POMPEII.
Pompeii - Video 2
Destroyed by Mt.Vesuvius on the 24th. August 79AD. Lost for 1600 years before being discovered again in 1748. POMPEII.