National emblem
A national emblem is an official emblem or seal reserved for use by a nation state as a symbol of that nation. Many nations have a seal or emblem in addition to a national flag and a national coat of ...
List of national birds
This is a list of national birds, most official, but some unofficial.
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List of national trees
This is a list of national trees, most official, but some unofficial:Edward tree
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Emblem of Turkmenistan
The State Emblem of Turkmenistan was created after Turkmenistan gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The eight-point green starburst (known as the Rub El Hizb (۞), a symbol of Islam, to ...
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Emblem of Israel
The Emblem of the State of Israel (Hebrew: סמל מדינת ישראל) (Arabic: شعار دولة إسرائيل‎) shows a menorah surrounded by an olive branch on each side, and the writing "ישראל" (Hebrew for Israe...
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Emblem of Yemen
The national emblem of Yemen depicts a golden eagle with a scroll between its claws. On the scroll is written the name of the country in Arabic: الجمهورية اليمنية‎ or Al-Jumhuriyyah Al-Yama...
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State Emblem of the Soviet Union
The State Emblem of the Soviet Union (Russian: Государственный герб Советского Союза, Gosudarstvenny gerb Sovetskogo Soyuza) was adopted in 1923 and was used until the dissolution of the Soviet Un...
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Emblem of Maldives
The Maldivian National Emblem consists of a coconut palm, a crescent, and two criss-crossing National Flags with the traditional Title of the State.
The depicted coconut palm represents the liveli...
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Emblem of Vietnam
The emblem of Vietnam is circular, has red background and a yellow star in the middle which represent the Communist Party of Vietnam, the revolutionary history and bright future of Vietnam. The cog a...
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Emblem of Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Arabian national emblem (Arabic: شعار السعودية‎) was adopted in 1950. According to the Saudi Basic Law, it consists of two crossed swords with a palm tree in the space above and be...
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Emblem of Mongolia
The state emblem of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улсын төрийн сүлд, Mongol Ulsyn töriin süld) is used by the government of Mongolia as its symbol of state. It is officially used for example on docu...
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Blue Sky with a White Sun
The Blue Sky with a White Sun (Chinese: 青天白日旗; pinyin: Qīng tīan bái rì qí) serves as the design for the party flag and emblem of the Kuomintang (KMT), the canton of the flag of the Republic o...
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Emblem of South Korea
The National Emblem of the Republic of Korea (Hangul: 대한민국의 국장 / Hanja: 大韓民國의 國章) consists of the taeguk symbol present on the country's national flag surrounded by five stylized petals and a ribbon b...
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Emblem of East Turkistan
The emblem of East Turkestan is a symbol of the East Turkestan independence movement.
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Dolphins are cetacean mammals closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera. They vary in size from 1.2 m (4 ft) and 40 kg (90 lb...
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Emblem of Algeria
The national emblem of Algeria (Arabic: شعار الجزائر الوطني‎) is the seal used by the government, as other states use coats of arms. The current form of the emblem with Arabic writing was a...
Emblem of New Caledonia
The emblem of New Caledonia consists of a nautilus shell in the foreground; the symbol behind it is a Flèche faîtière, a kind of arrow which adorns the roofs of Kanak houses, thrust through tutut shel...
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Emblem of Tajikistan
The State Emblem of Tajikistan is a modified version of the original coat of arms of the Tajik SSR that was in use until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Like other post-Soviet republics w...
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Emblem of Yugoslavia
The emblem of Yugoslavia featured six torches, surrounded by wheat with a red star at its top, and burning together in one flame; this represented the brotherhood and unity of the six federal republic...
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National emblem of Belarus
The national emblem of Belarus, which replaced the historic Pahonia arms in a 1995 referendum, features a ribbon in the colors of the national flag, a map of Belarus, wheat ears and a red star. It is ...
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Pelicans are a genus of large water birds that makes up the family Pelecanidae. They are characterised by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scoope...
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Emblem of Sudan
The current national emblem of Sudan was adopted in 1985. It shows a secretary bird bearing a shield from the time of Muhammad Ahmad, the self-proclaimed Mahdi who briefly ruled Sudan in the 19th cent...
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Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia
The national emblem of the Republic of Macedonia depicts two curved garlands of sheaves of wheat, tobacco leaves and opium poppy fruits, tied by a ribbon decorated with embroidery of traditional Maced...
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National Emblem of Guatemala
The Coat of Arms of Guatemala Was Adopted In 1871
The coat of arms was designed by Swiss artist and engraver Johan-Baptist Frener, who lived in Guatemala from 1854 until his death in 1897. The cur...
National symbols of Barbados
National emblems of Barbados are the symbols that are used in Barbados to represent the independent nation. The emblems reflect different aspects of its cultural life and history.
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National emblems and coats of arms of Asia
Below is a list of national emblems and coats of arms used by Asian countries, territories and regions.
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