Camp Chezar
Camp Chezar (Arabic: كامب شيزار‎; also spelled Camp Shezar) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It contains a cemetery that dates back to the 3rd century BC (Ptolemaic era).
It is sp...
El-Quba (Arabic: القبة‎) is a district of Cairo, Egypt.It is famous for having two major palaces that were once the residences of the King Faruk. Along with the Tahra Palace, the Quba Palace...
Flemeng (Arabic: فلمنج‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
Mahatet El Raml
Mahatet El Raml (Arabic: محطة الرمل‎) is a neighborhood in the Alexandria Governorate of Alexandria, Egypt. It centers on a large public square containing the main station of the Alexandria ...
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El-Marg (Arabic: المرج‎  [elˈmæɾɡ]) alternatively Al-Marj is an administrative ward (kism) of Cairo, in north-east of Cairo Governorate, bordering Qalyubia Governorate near Shubra El-Kh...
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Amreya (Arabic: العامرية‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It contains an industrial zone that has many large factories and petroleum refineries.
Bahary (Arabic: بحري‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
Faggala (Arabic: الفجّالة‎) is a district of Cairo, Egypt near Ramesis Square. It has long been an important center for book publishing, perhaps the largest in the country. It is also an imp...
The Muqattam (Arabic: المقطم‎, also spelled Mokattam), or the Muqattam Mountain or Hills, is the name of a range of hills and a suburb in them, located in southeastern Cairo, Egypt.
The ...
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Montaza, Alexandria
Montaza (Arabic:المنتزه, meaning "The Park") is the name of both a district and a park in Alexandria, Egypt. The district includes the park, but the two are legally distinct.
"Montaza" does mean "...
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Shubra (Arabic: شبرا‎, [ˈʃobɾɑ]; Coptic: ϭⲱⲡⲣⲟ Šopro; also written Shoubra or Shobra) is one of the largest districts of Cairo, Egypt and it is administratively divided into three areas: Shu...
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Safar (neighborhood)
Safar (Arabic: صفر‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
El-Tagamu El Khames
El Tagamu El Khames (Arabic: التجمع الخامس‎, literally means "the Fifth Gathering", but the official English name is "the Fifth Settlement"; commonly shortened to: التجمع et-Tagammoʿ  [...
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Qabary (Arabic: القباري‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
Cairo (/ˈkaɪroʊ/ KYE-roh ; Arabic: القاهرة‎) is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Middle-East and second-largest in Africa after Lagos. Its metropolitan area is the 16t...
Semoha (Arabic: سموحة‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It contains the headquarters of the country's Interior Ministry (Alexandria branch).
Sidi Gaber
Sidi Gaber (Arabic: سيدي جابر‎) is a neighbourhood in Alexandria, Egypt.The interior section of the neighbourhood contains the Sidi Gaber railway station, the main rail entry point to Alexan...
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Miami (neighborhood)
Miami (Arabic: ميامي‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
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Wardeyan (Arabic: الورديان‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
Daher, Egypt
El Daher, or El Zaher (Arabic: الظاهر‎, [edˈdɑːheɾ, ezˈzˤɑːheɾ]), is one of the districts of Cairo, Egypt. It neighbours the districts of Abbaseya and Sakakini.El Zaher is named after al-Ma...
Max (neighborhood)
Max (Arabic: المكس‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.
Sheikh Zayed City
Sheikh Zayed City (Arabic: مدينة الشيخ زايد‎) is a district of 6th of October City in Giza Governorate in Egypt and part of Greater Cairo urban area. It was established in 1995 and is named...
Shubra (administrative region)
Shobra is an administrative region and forms a relatively small area that represents about one quarter of the district with the same name in Cairo, Egypt.It neighbours the areas of Elsahel to the nor...
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Zamalek (Egyptian Arabic: الزمالك [ez.zæˈmæːlek]) is an affluent district of western Cairo encompassing the northern portion of Gezira Island in the Nile River. The island is connected with the ri...
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Saraya (neighborhood)
Saraya (Arabic: السرايا‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.