Universe (Modern Talking album)
Universe released on 31 March 2003 is the twelfth and final studio album of Modern Talking and it is the sixth release since the duo's 1998 reunion. The album completely produced by Dieter Bohlen, lan...
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A Secret Wish
A Secret Wish was the 1985 debut album of synthpop band Propaganda. Released by ZTT Records, it was produced by Stephen Lipson and label boss Trevor Horn. The singles "Duel" and "Dr. Mabuse" were both...
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Tensongs is the first English language album by German synthpop band Hubert Kah. It was released in 1986.Three singles were released from the album, "Limousine", "Something I Should Know" and "Love is...
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Sensor (album)
Sensor is the sixth studio album from German synthpop group Camouflage, released on May 26, 2003 by Island Records. It is the band's first album since 1995's Spice Crackers, and the first to feature O...
Mit Rucksack und Harpune
Mit Rucksack und Harpune is the fourth studio album released by Joachim Witt in 1985.
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Simple Man (Klaus Nomi album)
Simple Man is the second album by German countertenor Klaus Nomi, released in 1982. It was also the last album of original material to be released during Nomi's lifetime.The album consists of a mix of...
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Moonlight Nights
Moonlight Nights is the fifth studio album released by Joachim Witt in 1985. This is the first and only album from Joachim Witt that has all English vocals with the exception of So Tight being sung in...
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Demon Kiss
Demon Kiss is the fourth studio album of Blutengel.
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Willkommen im Jenseits
Willkommen im Jenseits is the first full-length album of the German band Mondsucht.
All songs written and produced by Mondsucht.
10 Millionen Partys
10 Millionen Partys is the sixth studio album released by Joachim Witt in 1988. It is the first album Witt released after moving to RCA, and sees Witt return to singing German lyrics.
The album fo...
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Child of Glass (album)
Child of Glass is the first album of Blutengel.
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Für die Nacht gemacht
Für die Nacht gemacht is the second full-length album of Mondsucht.
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Outside World
Outside World is a 2002 compilation album by Propaganda. The album collects remixes, B-sides and extra tracks released on 7-inch and 12-inch records, cassette singles and white-label DJ vinyl pressing...
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Pop (Joachim Witt album)
POP is the eleventh studio album released by Joachim Witt in 2004.
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99 Luftballons (album)
99 Luftballons (German: "99 Balloons") is a compilation album by German pop band Nena, released in 1984. It was their first album released worldwide following the success of "99 Luftballons" and also ...
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Nena feat. Nena
Nena feat. Nena is the twelfth studio album of German pop singer Nena. Also called 20 Jahre Nena (20 Years of Nena) and 20 Jahre—Das Jubiläums-Album (20 Years—The Anniversary Album), it contains...
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Eisenherz is the tenth studio album released by Joachim Witt in May 2002. Eisenherz is German for Iron Heart, but Prinz Eisenherz is also the German name for the comic strip character Prince Valiant.<...
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