Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects. While numismatists are often characterized as students or collectors of coins, the discip...
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$1,700,000.00 PENNY. How To Check If You Have One! | US Mint Error Coins Worth BIG Money
Always be sure to check your pocket change and collectors coins carefully. There are some extremely valuable coins floating around out there! Playlist of ALL...
10 coins that can be found in pocket change worth good money
Variety and error coins worth good money
How much are Michael Phelps’ gold medals really worth?
After 22 gold medals in four Olympic games, if Phelps wanted to sell his collection it would probably fetch millions of dollars, sports memorabilia appraisers say.
Confessions: Master Counterfeiter Prints a Fortune and Walks Away
A recent ABC News Brian Ross Investigates episode takes a deep look into the world of counterfeit cash. The Royal Sovereign RCD-2000 is used to highlight the...
‘Stop using paper checks,’ says agency in charge of them
The organization in charge of processing check payments told us: “Stop using paper checks.” So why do banks keep giving them to us?
Fantastic Fakes: Busting a $70 Million Counterfeiting Ring
The downfall of a legendary team of forgers, whose bogus bills were so good they’re still in circulation.
An Illustrated History of American Money Design
It’s not just paper. From the first notes issued by the Continental Congress to the latest star-spangled bills released by the Federal Reserve, the history of money in America is laced with rebellion,...
15 Satisfyingly Beautiful Welds That Are Basically Works Of Art
Welding is an art…. I mean seriously, scroll through these pictures below and you’ll instantly get want I’m talking about. Even if you don’t like welding or have absolutely no interest in it…. it’s ha...
ISIS Has Minted Its Own Gold Currency
June 30, 2015 - Rumors circulated online late last year that the Islamic State was attempting to mint its own precious metal-backed currency. Last week, photographs emerged on social media that appear...
United States To Put Woman On $10 Bill
The United States is set to put the picture of a woman on an American banknote for the first time in over a century, breaking the hold that white male political heroes have had on the greenback. The T...
Cavers find treasure from era of Alexander the Great in Israel
Spelunkers in a cave in Israel stumble across silver coins and jewelry dating back thousands of years.
Latest Queen Elizabeth coin unveiled
Fifth coin of British monarch’s reign dating back to coronation in 1952 is first to be created entirely digitally and will replace 1998 version
barbara bernát proposes hungarian money redesign with illustrated wildlife
for her MA degree project, budapest-based creative barbara bernát has proposed a fictional currency for hungary and its banknote design.
The World's Greatest Counterfeiter: Frank Bourassa
With a little hard work, Frank Bourassa figured he'd make a fortune (literally). Which is how he became the most prolific counterfeiter in U.S. history—a guy with $200 million in fake bills. How he g...
A banknote (often known as a bill, paper money, or simply a note) is a type of negotiable instrument known as a promissory note, made by a bank, payable to the bearer on demand. When banknotes were fi...
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A coin is a piece of hard material used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender. They are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade. The...
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A currency (from Middle English: curraunt, "in circulation", from Latin: currens, -entis) in the most specific use of the word refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation as ...
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Exonumia are numismatic items (such as tokens, medals, or scrip) other than coins and paper money. This includes "Good For" tokens, badges, counterstamped coins, elongated coins, encased coins, souven...
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History of money
The history of money concerns the development of means of carrying out transactions involving a physical medium of exchange. Money is any clearly identifiable object of value that is generally accept...
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Mint-made errors
Mint-made errors are errors in a coin made by the mint during the minting process. Mint error coins can be the result of deterioration of the minting equipment, accidents or malfunctions during the mi...
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Postal Order
A postal order is a financial instrument usually intended for sending money through the mail. It is purchased at a post office and is payable at another post office to the named recipient. A small fee...
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