Orders, decorations, and medals of Sweden
The Orders, decorations, and medals of Sweden have a historical basis, reaching back to the 1606 founding of the extinct Jehova Order. The Royal Order of Knights of Sweden were only truly codified in ...
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Reidar Aulie
Reidar Aulie (13 March 1904 – 23 November 1977) was a Norwegian artist.
Reidar Aulie was born in Oslo, the son of Nils Baltazar Aulie (1867–1951) and Martha Valstad (1872–1966). He grew up in a mi...
Per Krohg
Per Lasson Krohg (18 June 1889 – 3 March 1965) was a Norwegian artist. Per Krohg is most frequently associated with the mural he created for the United Nations Security Council Chamber, located in the...
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Arnold Haukeland
Arnold Haukeland (28 March 1920 – 18 June 1983) was a Norwegian sculptor. He was born in Verdal. Among his sculptural works are Friheten from 1953 at Bærum City Hall, Ballspillere from 1958 at S...
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List of honours of Sweden awarded to heads of state and royals

See also decorations pages (mark °) : Harald, Sonja, Haakon, Mette-Marit, Mârtha Louise, Astrid & Ragnhildto be completed
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Staffan Valdemar Holm
Staffan Valdemar Holm (born October 7, 1958 in Tomelilla, Skåne) is a Swedish-German theatre director. Staffan Valdemar Holm was trained at Statens Teaterskole in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was managing ...
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Göta Luftvärnskårs minnesmedalj
The Swedish Göta Air Defense Regiment Commemorative Medal (Swedish: Göta Luftvaernskårs Minnes Medalj) is a commemorative medal of the former Göta Air Defense Regiment. The regiment was merged wi...
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Bertil Norström
Per Bertil Norström (9 September 1923, Sala, Sweden – 6 September 2012, Stockholm) was a Swedish actor. He was married to the actress Margreth Weivers from 1947 until his death.
För tapperhet i fält
För tapperhet i fält ("For Valour in the Field") and För tapperhet till sjöss ("For Valour at Sea") are two Swedish military medals awarded to officers and soldiers of the Swedish Armed Forces who hav...
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Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg (August 17, 1916 in Umeå, Sweden–April 7, 1982 in San Felice Circeo, Italy) was a Swedish ceramic designer, glass designer, textile designer, industrial designer, painter, and illu...
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List of Knights of the Order of the Seraphim
These are the Knights (men) and Members (women) of the Royal Order of the Seraphim:
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Royal Order of the Seraphim
The Royal Order of the Seraphim (Swedish Kungliga Serafimerorden) (Seraphim being a category of Angels) is a Swedish order of chivalry created by King Frederick I on 23 February 1748, together with th...
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Per Myrberg
Per Nils Myrberg (born 11 July 1933) is a Swedish singer and actor. Born in Stockholm, Myrberg has appeared in 45 films since 1957. He is father to Olle and Fredrik Myrberg.
H. M. The King's Medal
H. M. (His Majesty) The King's Medal (Swedish: H.M. Konungens medalj), earlier known as the Court Medal (Swedish: Hovmedaljen), is an Swedish honour that may be bestowed upon Swedish citizens....
Svend Foyn Bruun, Sr.
Svend Foyn Bruun, Sr. (1 December 1883–1956) was a Norwegian naval officer, ship-owner and whaler, and politician for the Conservative Party. He ran the company Bruun & von der Lippe from 1919 to ...
Lester Dragstedt
Lester Reynold Dragstedt (2 October 1893 – 16 July 1975) was the first surgeon to successfully separate siamese twins.
During the 1920s, he was an assistant professor at the University of Chicago....
Harald Leth
Harald Leth (5 January 1899 in Copenhagen – 14 March 1986 in Ålsgårde) was a Danish painter whose Naturalistic work was inspired by Johannes Larsen of the Funen Painters and Oluf Høst of the Bornholm ...
Ole Bae
Ole Bae (18 August 1902 – 28 September 1972) was a Norwegian civil servant.He was born in Bremnes as a son of teacher Jakob Bae (1866–1963) and Anna Fladvad (1871–1954). He took commerce school in 192...
Order of Charles XIII
The Order of Charles XIII (Swedish: Carl XIII:s orden) is a Swedish order of merit, founded by King Charles XIII in 1811. The Lord and Master of the Order is the King of Sweden, currently His Maj...