The shadowy world of counterfeit wines
A high-stakes courtroom drama played out in New York City pitting wealthy wine collectors against a man accused of intentionally making and selling millions of dollars' worth of fake rare wine. Martha...
This is a National Emergency
This is a National Emergency
Woman faints in court after guilty verdict
Diana Lovejoy was convicted in a murder-for-hire plot.
American Airlines Will Train Employees to Save Victims of Human Trafficking
By learning the warning signs, flight attendants (and other members of the travel industry) can save victims of human trafficking.
8 Peoples Found Dead In Trailer At San Antonio TX
Walmart in suspected human trafficking case
Alabama kidnapping victim escapes by jumping out of car trunk
The victim told police that she was walking to her apartment in Birmingham, Alabama, when an unknown man approached her with a gun and demanded money, police...
Woman Arrested For Extortion Scheme Against Eliot Spitzer
Police in New York say a woman has been arrested and faces charges of grand larceny by extortion for trying to dupe former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer out of $50,000.
CEO Of Arrested, Charged With Pimping
Carl Ferrer, the chief executive of a classifieds website that allows users to post escort ads, was arrested in Texas on Thursday. He faces felony charges, including pimping a minor.
Heroin Cut With Elephant Tranquilizer May Have Caused 60 Overdoses Across Two States In Just 48 Hours
Drug dealers, in an attempt to stretch their supply and deliver a stronger, longer high, are cutting their heroin with carfentanil. And in a 48-hour window this week, two counties near the Ohio-Indian...
El Chapo And The Secret History Of The Heroin Crisis
If you wonder why America is in the grips of a heroin epidemic that kills two hundred people a week, take a hard look at the legalization of pot, which destroyed the profits of the Mexican cartels. Ho...
Bitcoin’s not money, judge rules as she tosses money-laundering charge
A defendant in a Florida money-laundering case is off the hook.
Feds Want 'Wolf of Wall Street' Profits As Part Of $3.5 Billion Fraud Allegations
In a massive lawsuit that reads like an international thriller, the U.S. government claims that well-connected fraudsters stole $3.5 billion from Malaysia and used it to buy New York condos, hotels, y...
Human Trafficking Survivor's Triathlon Record
Human trafficking survivor Norma Bastidas hopes to inspire other victims of abuse with triathlon world record. Norma Bastidas was lured into slavery with promise of modeling job in Japan Escaped traff...
Charles Wade, Black Lives Matter Leader, Charged With Sex Trafficking
Charles Wade, a prominent Black Lives Matter organizer and co-founder of Operation Help or Hush, was arrested last month and charged with human trafficking and prostitution.
The Huge 'Panama Papers' Data Dump Is About To Drop
The ICIJ said it would "publish what will likely be the largest-ever release of information about secret offshore companies and the people behind them."
AP Investigation: China launders Cash Of Foreign Criminals
Scam artists, drug cartels and gangs from around the world have found a new haven for laundering money: China. The country's well-developed underground financial networks have caught the attention of ...
Human trafficking
Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. This may encompass providing a s...
Human trafficking - Wikipedia
Illegal drug trade
Drug dealing is the exchange of illegal drugs for payment. The illegal drug trade is a global black market dedicated to the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs that are subject to...
Illegal drug trade - Wikipedia
Money laundering
Money laundering is the process of transforming the proceeds of crime into ostensibly legitimate money or other assets. However, in a number of legal and regulatory systems, the term money laundering ...
Numbers game
Numbers game, also known as the numbers racket, the policy racket, the policy game, the Italian lottery, or the nigger pool. It is an illegal lottery played mostly in poor neighborhoods in the United ...
Casitas del Sur case
The location of shelters.The Casitas del Sur case refers to the disappearance of several minors from children's refuges operated by the religious organization Iglesia Cristiana Restaurada (Restored Ch...
Casitas del Sur case - Wikipedia
This is a National Emergency
This is a National Emergency
Albert H. Maggs
Albert H. Maggs (1916 –1994) was an Australian bookmaker and philanthropist. He founded the Albert H. Maggs Composition Award of the University of Melbourne in 1966, and he was posthumously hono...
The Places You're Most Likely to Get Kidnapped
Kidnaping is booming. To help you to stay safe when you travel, we've mapped out the places where you face the greatest risk of getting scooped up.
Crime science
Crime science is the study of crime in order to find ways to prevent it. Three features distinguish crime science from criminology: it is single-minded about cutting crime, rather than studying it for...
Alan Mulholland
Alan Mulholland is a Gaelic football manager, who was senior manager of Galway, from 2011 to 2014 having previously been Minor & U21 manager.During his playing career Mulholland earned no national...