Pacific Coast Campaign
The Pacific Coast Campaign refers to United States naval operations against targets along Mexico's Pacific Coast during the Mexican-American War. It excludes engagements of the Conquest of California ...
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Skirmish of Todos Santos
Skirmish of Todos Santos (March 30, 1848), was the last clash of the Mexican American War and ended eighteen months of hostilies in Baja California.
Following the relief of the Siege of San José d...
Battle of Mulege
The Battle of Mulegé was an American attack on Mulegé, Baja California Sur, during the Mexican-American War. On 2 October 1847, United States Marines and sailors fought with Mexican militia.
On Au...
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Bombardment of Guaymas
Category:Pacific Coast CampaignOn October 20, 1847 Captain Elie A. F. La Vallette of the first-class frigate USS Congress in company with the sloop USS Portsmouth forced the Mexican garrison of Guayma...
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Battle of San José del Cabo
The Battle of San José del Cabo was a military engagement of the Mexican-American War which took place on two November days in 1847, after the fall of Mexico City.
On 21 July, 115 men from the Sev...
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Bombardment of Punta Sombrero
The Bombardment of Punta Sombrero was an American naval bombardment in response to a Mexican attack on a United States Navy warship during the Mexican-American War, on October 31, 1847.
Following ...
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Siege of La Paz
The Siege of La Paz was a Mexican siege of their own city of La Paz in Baja California Sur. Mexican militia forces attempted to destroy the United States Army garrison, occupying the peninsular town. ...
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Battle of La Paz
The Battle of La Paz was an engagement of the Pacific Coast Campaign during the Mexican-American War. The belligerents were United States Army troops against Mexican militia, commanded by Mexican Army...
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Siege of San José del Cabo
The Siege of San José del Cabo, from January to February 1848, was a prolonged battle of the Mexican-American War in which Mexican militia besieged a smaller force of American marines, sailors and Cal...
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