Frescati (Stockholm)
Frescati is a park-like area on the northern outskirts of Stockholm. The name has occasionally been spelled Freskati, e.g. on the name signs at the former Freskati railway station.Originally Frescati ...
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Vita Bergen
Vita Bergen (lit. The White Mountains) is a park area of Södermalm in Stockholm.Former civil defence center Pionen is located there.Vita Bergen is also mentioned in the novel "The Red Room" by August ...
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Lill-Janskogen, (English: "Little Jan's Forest"), is a park in Stockholm, Sweden. It is located on northern Djurgården and is a popular area for recreational activities.For the 1956 Summer Olympics, t...
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Rålambshovsparken (sometimes called Rålis) is a big park in Marieberg district in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. It is overpassed by a section of the bridge Västerbron.
The park began in 1936, designed b...
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Kungsträdgården (Swedish for "King's Garden") is a park in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is colloquially known as Kungsan.The park's central location and its outdoor cafés makes it one of the most po...
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Bellevue (Stockholm)
Bellevue is a park in northern Stockholm and part of the Royal National City Park. Located in Bellevue is the studio of the sculptor Carl Eldh (1873 - 1954), today a museum: Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum. T...
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18°00′53″E / 59.33139°N 18.01472°E / 59.33139; 18.01472Thorildsplan is a small park in Kristineberg in Stockholm, named in 1925 after the writer Thomas Thorild (1759–1808).The...
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Berzelii Park
Berzelii Park is a small park in central Stockholm, Sweden. The park is the location of the China Theater (Chinateatern), and the Berns Salonger Restaurant and Theater.
Berzelii Park was named aft...
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Royal National City Park
The Royal National City Park (Swedish: Kungliga nationalstadsparken) is the world's first national city park, established in 1995 in the municipalities of Stockholm, Solna and Lidingö in Sweden.
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Orlången Nature Reserve
Orlången Nature Reserve is a nature reserve surrounding Lake Orlången in central Huddinge Municipality, south of Stockholm, Sweden.There are four lakes within the reserve: Trehörningen (Sjödalen), Åge...
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Observatorielunden is a park in Stockholm's Vasastaden district. It stretches over the steep hill Observatoriekullen, one of the last remnants of Brunkebergsåsen, the esker that once reached across mu...
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Vasaparken, Stockholm
Vasaparken is a park in Stockholm, Sweden, located in Vasastaden and named after the Royal Vasa Dynasty. The park lies between the two squares Odenplan and Sankt Eriksplan. South of the park lies the ...
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Hagaparken ("Haga Park"), or simply Haga in Solna Municipality just north of Stockholm, Sweden is a vast and popular nature area, with large parks, lakes, woods and gardens. Within the park is Haga Pa...
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Karlaplan is an open park-plaza area in Östermalm in Stockholm. The architect Lindhagen was created the characteristic form of the plaza, during the 1890s. It was created in the image of Place de l'É...
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Humlegården is a major park in Östermalm in Stockholm. It is the location of the Royal Library and in the centre of the park is a large statue of Carl von Linné, better known as Linnaeus.
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Mariatorget (the Maria Square) is a square and a city park in Södermalm, Stockholm, constructed at the end of the 1760s. Its original name was Adolf Fredriks torg (after King Adolphus Frederick, who r...
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Stureparken is a tiny park in the borough of Östermalm in Stockholm. 18°4′38.57″E / 59.3424028°N 18.0773806°E / 59.3424028; 18.0773806
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Rosendals Trädgård
Rosendals Trädgård is a garden open to the public situated on Djurgården, west of Rosendal Palace, in the central part of Stockholm, Sweden. Today, Rosendals Trädgård is open to public visitors in ord...
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Gröna Lund
Tivoli Gröna Lund (lit. The Green Grove) or Grönan is an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. It is located on the seaward side of the Djurgården island and is relatively small compared to other amuse...
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Bergianska trädgården
The Bergianska trädgården, the Bergian Garden or Hortus Bergianus, is a botanical garden located in the Frescati area on the outskirts of Stockholm, close to the Swedish Museum of Natural History and ...
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Djurgården ([ˈjʉː(r)ɡɔɳ, ˈjʉːrˈɡoːɖɛn]) or, more officially, Kungliga Djurgården (Swedish: "The (Royal) Game Park") is an island in central Stockholm. Djurgården is home to historical buildings and mo...
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Björns trädgård
Björns trädgård ("Björn's Garden"), is a small public park in Södermalm in Stockholm, named after Carl Gustaf Björn, a gardener. His son, Carl Fredrik Björn, known as "Rike Björn" ("Rich Björn"), inhe...
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Tegnérlunden is a park at the border of city districts Norrmalm and Vasastaden in Stockholm. It was originally erected 1890, but was re-constructed in 1940. It is home to statues of two Swedish author...
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Tantolunden is a park near Zinkensdamm and Hornstull in Södermalm, the southern part of central Stockholm. 18°02′12″E / 59.31389°N 18.03667°E / 59.31389; 18.03667
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Vanadislunden is a big park area in Stockholm, Sweden, located in Vasastaden.The area is named after Vanadis, which is another name for the Norse Goddess Freyja. The abandoned Hotell Vanadis in the ar...
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Willy Brandts Park
Willy Brandts Park is a small park in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, named after former German Chancellor Willy Brandt, who lived in the area during his exile from Nazi Germany. 18°6′25.58″E / &#x...
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