Polish national songs
This is a list of Polish national and patriotic songs.
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Siekiera, motyka
Siekiera, motyka (Polish for Axe, Hoe) is a famous Polish military and street-level protest song from the period of World War II. It became the most popular song of occupied Warsaw, and then, of the e...
Vostani Serbije
Vostani Serbije (Arise, Serbia; Serbian Cyrillic: Востани Сербије), also known as Pesma na Insurekciju Serbijanov (Ode to the Uprising of the Serbs) was the national anthem of revolutionary Serbia, wr...
List of Malaysian patriotic songs
List of Malaysian patriotic songs
Un Canadien errant
"Un Canadien errant" ("A Wandering Canadian") is a song written in 1842 by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie after the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837–38. Some of the rebels were condemned to death, others forced i...
Gens du pays
"Gens du pays" has been called the unofficial national anthem of Quebec. Written by poet, songwriter, and avowed Quebec nationalist Gilles Vigneault (with music co-written by Gaston Rochon), it was f...
Székely himnusz
Székely himnusz (Székely Anthem) is a 1921 poem adopted by Szekler National Council as the anthem of Székely Land on 5 September 2009. The lyrics were written by György Csanády and its music was compo...
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Bendera Tentera
Bendera Tentera (Army's Flag) is a song written during the revolution at Malaya in 1948-1960. It was a song written as an encouragement to fight against the colonists.