Ernie McCoy (athletic director)
Ernest B. "Ernie" McCoy (June 5, 1905 – May 1983) was an All-American basketball player at the University of Michigan from 1927 to 1929. After graduating, he spent his entire professional caree...
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Anjana Appachana
Anjana Appachana is a novelist of Indian origin who lives in the United States. She has written a book of short stories titled Incantations and a novel titled Listening Now.
Anjana Appachana was b...
Edwin Erle Sparks
Edwin Erle Sparks (July 16, 1860 – June 15, 1924) was the eighth president of the Pennsylvania State University, serving from 1908 until 1920.
Sparks was born in Newark, Ohio on July 16, 186...
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John Fraser (academic)
John Fraser (c. 1823 – June 4, 1878) was an American soldier and educator. He was the third president of the Pennsylvania State University, serving from 1866 until 1868, and the second Chancello...
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William Henry Allen (academician)
William Henry Allen (March 27, 1808 – August 29, 1882) was an American professor and academic administrator. A graduate of Bowdoin College, he served as acting president of Dickinson College from 1847...
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List of Pennsylvania State University people
This is a list of famous individuals associated with the Pennsylvania State University, including graduates, former students, and professors.
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Daniel H. Hastings
Daniel Hartman Hastings (February 26, 1849 – January 9, 1903) was the 21st Governor of Pennsylvania from 1895 to 1899.
Daniel H. Hastings was born in Salona, Clinton County, Pennsyl...
Pop Golden
William Nelson "Pop" Golden (July 3, 1868 – August 31, 1949) was an American football and baseball coach. He served as the head football coach at Pennsylvania State University from 1900 to 1902...
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Joseph Shortlidge
Joseph Shortlidge (August 1, 1832 – December 10, 1911) was the sixth president of the Pennsylvania State University, serving from July 1880 until April 1881. He was born in 1832.
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Cynthia Baldwin
Cynthia Baldwin is a former justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. She also served as the first general counsel for the Pennsylvania State University, and in that capacity, she gained some nation...
James Y. McKee
James Y. McKee (June 20, 1836 – December 24, 1891) was acting President of the Pennsylvania State University, serving from the resignation of Joseph Shortlidge in 1881 until 1882.
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Marvin Allen (soccer)
Dr. E. Marvin Allen Jr. (January 6, 1915–September 13, 1996) was a former collegiate head soccer coach. He started the University of North Carolina soccer program in 1947, and became the program's fir...