List of people from Mechelen
This is a list of Notable people from Mechelen, who were either born in Mechelen, or spent part of their life there.
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Seppe Smits
Seppe Smits (born 13 July 1991, in Westmalle) is a Belgian professional snowboarder and World Championship medalist. Smits rides goofy.Smits started snowboarding at a serious level in the winter of 20...
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My Man and the Devil on His Shoulder
"My Man and the Devil on His Shoulder" is a song by Belgian-Turkish R&B singer Hadise. It is the third single released from her self-titled second studio album Hadise. It was released on June 6 20...
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Alfred Ost
Alfred Ost (14 February 1884, Zwijndrecht – 9 October 1945, Antwerp) was a Belgian artist.In 1920 he won a bronze medal in the art competitions of the Olympic Games for his painting Joueur de Football...
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Ludwig Wijnants
Ludwig Wijnants (Veerle, 4 July 1956) was a Belgian professional road bicycle racer.
Henri Luyten
Henri Luyten (1 August 1873, Koningshooikt, Belgium – 28 September 1954, Boechout, Belgium) was a Belgian champion racing cyclist who was a professional rider between 1895 and 1897.
Cornelis Kiliaan
Cornelis Kiliaan (1528, Duffel – 1607, Antwerp), was a 16th-century lexicographer, linguist, translator and poet of the Southern Netherlands.
He was born in Duffel between 1528 and 1530. His...
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Hugo Coveliers
Hugo F.V. Coveliers (born 21 February 1947) is a retired Belgian politician and lawyer. He was a member of the Belgian Chamber of People's Representatives between 1985 and 1995 and from 1993 to 2003. ...
Andries Kinsbergen
Andries Kinsbergen (born 25 September 1926) is a Belgian lawyer and liberal politician. He was governor of the Belgian province Antwerp from 1 January 1967 until 1 October 1993.
Andries Kinsbergen...
Tom De Mul
Tom De Mul (born 4 March 1986) is a Belgian former international footballer who played as a right winger.
Born in Kapellen, Antwerp, De Mul began his career in K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot, but joine...
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Ferdinand de Baillet-Latour
Count Ferdinand Charles Louis Antoine de Baillet–Latour (21 January 1850 – 18 September 1925) was a Belgian politician. He was governor of the province of Antwerp from 14 March 1908 until ...
Camille Paulus
Camille Paulus (born 24 April 1943) is a Belgian lawyer and liberal politician. He was governor of the Belgian province of Antwerp from 1 October 1993 until 30 April 2008.
He graduated with a doc...
Sven Nys
Sven Nys ([ˈsfɛn ˈnɛi̯s]; born 17 June 1976 in Bonheiden, Belgium) is a professional cyclist competing in cyclo-cross and mountainbike. With two world championships, six world cups, and over a 140 com...
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Hadise Açıkgöz (born 22 October 1985), is a Turkish singer, dancer, songwriter, and television personality. Born and raised in Mol, Belgium, Açıkgöz came to fame after releasing her debut album “Sweat...
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