Herman Witte
Herman Bernard Jan Witte (18 August 1909, Harlingen – 30 May 1973. Eindhoven) was a Dutch engineer and politician.
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Simon Vestdijk
Simon Vestdijk ([ˈsimɔn ˈvɛzdɛi̯k]; October 17, 1898 – March 23, 1971) was a Dutch writer.Born in the small town of Harlingen, Vestdijk studied medicine in Amsterdam, but turned to literature after a...
Sebastiaen Jansen Krol
Bastiaen Jansz Krol (also Sebastia(e)n; Jans(s)en; Crol or Crull) (1595, Harlingen – 14 March 1674), was Director of New Netherland from 1632 to 1633. When he was 10, Krol's family moved from F...
Jacob Adriaensz Backer
Jacob Adriaensz Backer (1609 – 27 August 1651) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He produced about 140 paintings in twenty years, including portraits, religious subjects, and mythological paintin...
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Maarten Gerritsz Vries
Maarten Gerritsz Vries, or Fries, also referred to as de Vries, (18 February 1589, Harlingen - late 1647, at sea near Manila) was a 17th-century Dutch cartographer and explorer, the first Western Euro...
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Kees Posthumus
Kees Posthumus (16 June 1902 – 15 September 1972) was a Dutch chemist. He was the second rector magnificus of the Eindhoven University of Technology.
Kees Posthumus was born in Harlingen, F...
Simon Frisius
Simon de Vries or Simon Frisius (1570–75, Harlingen – 1628/29, The Hague), was a Dutch engraver.
He started his career in Paris, and worked in Rouen and Amsterdam before moving to the Hague ...
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Joannes de Mol
Joannes de Mol (September 15, 1726 – November 22, 1782) was a Dutch minister, Patriot and porcelain manufacturer in the second half of the 18th century. De Mol - like many of his contemporaries - had...
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Clarence Bouma
Clarence Bouma (November 30, 1891, Harlingen, Friesland - August 12, 1962, Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a theologian and professor at Calvin Theological Seminary.
Bouma was born Klaas Bouma in the ...
Jacobus Deketh
Jacobus Deketh (or de Keth) (Harlingen, 1726 – Zeewijk (Almenum), 26 July 1764) was a captain in the Frisian Admiralty, one of the five admiralties of the Dutch Republic. In 1744 at the age of 18...
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Inte Onsman
Willem Inte Onsman (Harlingen, 28 September 1872 - Amsterdam, 26 August 1929) was a Dutch playwright and trade unionist.Born in the province of Friesland, Inte Onsman moved to Amsterdam after the deat...
Court Lambertus van Beyma
Coert or Court Lambertus van Beyma (Harlingen, 5 February 1753 - Dronrijp, 7 September 1820) was a notary and auctioneer, delegate and representative of the Frisian States, leader of the Frisian patri...
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Nicolaas Baur
Nicolaas Baur (1767–1820) was a Dutch artist.
Baur was born at Harlingen in 1767, the son of the portrait painter Hendricus Antonius Baur (1736–1817). He painted landscapes, views of cities, and ...
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Auke Stellingwerf
Auke Andriesz Stellingwerf (1635 – 13 June 1665) was a Dutch (Frisian) admiral who served the Frisian admiralty and died while commanding a squadron in the battle of Lowestoft.
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Jan Ykema
Jan Jelte Ykema (born 18 April 1963) is a former ice speed skater from the Netherlands, who represented his native country at two consecutive Winter Olympics, starting in 1984 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia....
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J.J.L. Duyvendak
Jan Julius Lodewijk Duyvendak (28 June 1889 – 9 July 1954), was a Dutch sinologist and professor of Chinese at Leiden University. He is known for his translation of The Book of Lord Sha...
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Tako Hajo Jelgersma
Tako Hajo Jelgersma (October 29, 1702 in Harlingen – March 24, 1795 in Haarlem), was an 18th-century Dutch painter.
According to the RKD he didn't move to Haarlem until 1757. He was the pup...
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Pieter Feddes van Harlingen
Pieter Feddes van Harlingen (1586–1623), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
According to Houbraken, who only saw his etchings, he signed his name P. Harlingensis. In 1612 he left Harlingen for Leeuwa...
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