Tadeusz Krzyżanowski
Tadeusz Krzyżanowski (29 August 1920 in Osterfeld – 31 January 1987 in Gdańsk) was a Polish shot putter who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics.
Günther Prien
Günther Prien (16 January 1908 – presumed 7 March 1941) was a German U-boat ace of the first part of the Second World War, and the first U-boat commander to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cros...
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Joachim Wünning
Joachim Wünning (1 April 1898 – 22 September 1944) was a highly decorated Korvettenkapitän der Reserves in the Kriegsmarine during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Ir...
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Emil Büchner
Adolf Emil Büchner (December 7, 1826, Osterfeld – June 9, 1908, Erfurt) was a German conductor and bandmaster. He wrote a number of compositions, including operas, chamber music, choral works, and sym...