Elena Anaya
Elena Anaya Gutiérrez (born July 17, 1975) is a Spanish actress whose career dates back to 1995. She starred alongside Antonio Banderas in Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In.
Anaya was born in P...
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Gabriel de Castilla
Gabriel de Castilla (1577 – c. 1620), was a Spanish explorer and navigator. A native of Palencia, it has been argued that he was an early explorer of Antarctica.
In March 1603, Castilla w...
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Fray Thomas de San Martín
Fray Thomas de San Martín (March 7, 1482 – August 31, 1555) was the founder of the National University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru, and a notable Spanish scholar.
San Martín was born in Pale...
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Marta Domínguez
Marta Domínguez Azpeleta (born 3 November 1975) is a Spanish runner. She was accused of drug dealing and doping but later acquitted (see below), only to be accused of doping, once again, in 2013. Dom...
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Diego León
Diego León Ayarza (born 16 January 1984 in Palencia, Castile and León) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Cypriot club Nea Salamis Famagusta FC as a midfielder.
A youth product of Real Madrid, ...
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Alberto Quintero
For the Panamanian footballer, see Alberto Quintero Medina.Alberto Quintero (born in October 1970 in Palencia, Spain) is a Spanish composer, arranger, music producer, musical director and conductor.
García Guerra
Fray García Guerra, (c. 1547, Frómista, Palencia, Spain—February 22, 1612, Mexico City), archbishop of Mexico and viceroy of New Spain. He held the former office from December 3, 1607 and the l...
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Diego Fernández
Diego Fernández (c. 1520 - c. 1581) was a Spanish adventurer and historian of the 16th century.Born at Palencia, he was educated for the church, but about 1545 he embarked for Peru, where he served in...
Ramón Calderón
José Ramón Calderón Ramos (born 26 May 1951 in Palencia, Spain) is a lawyer and an ex-President of Spanish sports club Real Madrid.
Calderón was elected President of Real Madrid in 2 July 2006, wi...
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Blanche of Castile
Blanche of Castile (Spanish: Blanca; 4 March 1188 – 27 November 1252) was Queen of France as the wife of Louis VIII. She acted as regent twice during the reign of her son, Louis IX. She was ...
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