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Ticlio (or Anticona) is a mountain pass and the highest point of the central road of Peru (km 120), in the Andean mountains, reaching 4,818 m, and a railway crossing loop on the Ferrocarril Central An...
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Galera railway station
76°11′08″W / 11.621694°S 76.1854206°W / -11.621694; -76.1854206Galera is the third highest railway station in the Western Hemisphere with an elevation of 4,777 m (15,681&...
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Railway stations in Peru
Rail transport in Peru has a varied history. Peruvian rail transport has never formed a true network, primarily comprising separate lines running inland from the coast and built according to freight n...
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List of airports in Peru
This is a list of airports in Peru, sorted by location.Peru, officially the Republic of Peru, is a country located in western South America. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the...
List of airlines of Peru
This is a list of airlines which have currently or formerly operated with an Air Operator Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Peru.
Desamparados station
The Desamparados station (Spanish: Estación de Desamparados) is an old railway station in Lima, Peru. It is situated on the left margin of the Rímac River, next to the Government Palace. The stati...
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