Philippine-related topics
This article is a list of topics related to the people, culture, history, current events, institutions, places, and traditions of the Republic of the Philippines.
Includes former regions.
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Duterte: My favorite hero is Putin
President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday was made to choose who between current U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump he would likely to g...
Duterte's First 100 Days
As Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys a "very good" net satisfaction rating three months into his presidency, and high approval ratings from the...
Why Did the Philippines Elect a Man Like Rodrigo Duterte?
The new President jokes about rape. He insults the Pope. What gives?
History of the Philippines
This is a deleted scene from my documentary that was included in the original version but which I removed from the final cut.
Demographics of the Philippines
Demographics of the Philippines are records of human population in the country, including its population density, ethnicity, education level, health, economic status, religious affiliations, and other...
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Ethnic groups of the Philippines
The islands of the Philippines are inhabited by a number of different ethnic groups. The majority of the population is composed of ethnolinguistic groups whose languages are Austronesian also known as...
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Languages of the Philippines
There are some 120 to 175 languages in the Philippines, depending on the method of classification. Four others are no longer spoken. Almost all are classified as Malayo-Polynesian languages, while one...
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Philippine languages
In linguistics, the Philippine languages are a 1991 proposal by Robert Blust that all the languages of the Philippines and northern Sulawesi—except Sama–Bajaw (languages of the "Sea Gypsies") and a fe...
Geography of the Philippines
The Philippines is an archipelago that consists of 7,107 islands with a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 sq mi). The 11 largest islands contain 94% of the total land are...
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Island groups of the Philippines
The divisions of the Philippines are the three island groups of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon and Mindanao are named after their main islands of the same names, while the Visayas (the Visayan Isl...
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List of islands of the Philippines
This is a list of islands of the Philippines. The Philippine archipelago comprises 7,107 islands, of which only about 2,000 are inhabited. They are clustered into the three major island groups of Luzo...
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Active volcanoes of the Philippines
Active volcanoes in the Philippines, as categorized by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), include volcanoes in the country having erupted within historical times (withi...
Inactive volcanoes of the Philippines
This is a List of inactive volcanoes in the Philippines. Volcanoes with no record of eruptions are considered as extinct or inactive. Their physical form since their last activity has been altered by...
List of mountains in the Philippines
The following is a list of mountains in the Philippines.
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Potentially active volcanoes of the Philippines
This is a list of the potentially active volcanoes in the Philippines by region as classified by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. Erupting volcanoes are listed in Erupting vol...
List of national parks of the Philippines
National Parks of the Philippines (Filipino: Pambansang Liwasan ng Pilipinas) are places of natural or historical value designated for protection and sustainable utilization by the Department of Envir...
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Politics of the Philippines
The Politics of the Philippines took place in an organized framework of a presidential, representative, and democratic republic whereby the president is both the head of state and the head of governme...
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Elections in the Philippines
The elections in the Philippines have several types. The president, vice-president, and the senators are elected for a six-year term, while the members of the House of Representatives, governors, vice...
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History of the Philippines
The history of the Philippines is believed to have begun with the arrival of the first humans using rafts or primitive boats, at least 67,000 years ago as the 2007 discovery of Callao Man showed. The ...
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Political history of the Philippines
The political history of the Philippines are chronicles which describes the history of the islands, starting from the beginning of civilization and up to the present day period.
Culture of the Philippines
The culture of the Philippines has been heavily influenced by both Asian and Western cultures. The Philippines was first settled by Melanesians; today, although few in numbers, they preserve a very tr...
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List of Philippine festivals
This is a partial list of festivals in the Philippines, known as Philippine fiestas
The many communities of predominantly Catholic Philippines almost all have a patron saint assigned to each of th...
Transportation in the Philippines
Transportation in the Philippines is relatively underdeveloped, partly due to the country's mountainous areas and scattered islands, and partly as a result of the government's persistent underinvestme...
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List of hospitals in the Philippines
toThis is a partial list of hospitals in the Philippines.
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List of newspapers in the Philippines
This is the list of newspapers currently being published in the Philippines. This list includes broadsheets and tabloids published daily and distributed nationwide. Regional newspapers or those publis...
Sports in the Philippines
Basketball and boxing are the most popular sports in the Philippines. Other popular sports include football (soccer) and volleyball.
There are five major sports in the Philippines. These are bask...
List of universities and colleges in the Philippines
Partial list of universities and colleges in the Philippines
Agutaya, Palawan
Agutaya is a fifth class island municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 11,906 people. It is the eastern part of the Cuyo Archipelago...
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British occupation of Manila
The British occupation of Manila between 1762 and 1764 was an episode in Philippine colonial history when the Kingdom of Great Britain occupied the Spanish colonial capital of Manila and the nearby pr...
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