Pickpocketing is a form of larceny that involves the stealing of money or other valuables from the person of a victim without their noticing the theft at the time. It requires considerable dexterity a...
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BBC Future - How pickpockets trick your mind
Pickpockets use much more than sleight of hand, says Caroline Williams, they hack your brain’s weaknesses
Fagin /ˈfeɪɡɪn/ is a fictional character who appears as an antagonist of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. In the preface to the novel he is described as a "receiver of stolen goods," but within...
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Ben Seidman
Ben Seidman (born December 1, 1984) is an American sleight-of-hand performer, actor, comedian, and creative consultant who has won the entertainer of the year award for princess cruises . He is the o...
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Apollo Robbins
Apollo Robbins (born May 23, 1974) is an American sleight-of-hand artist, security consultant, self-described gentleman thief and deception specialist. Forbes has called him "an artful manipulator of ...
Mary Frith
Mary Frith (c. 1584 – 26 July 1659), alias Moll (or Mal) Cutpurse, was a notorious pickpocket and fence of the London underworld.
The name Moll Cutpurse was a pun: Moll, apart from bein...
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Artful Dodger
Jack Dawkins, better known as the Artful Dodger, is a character in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Dodger is a pickpocket, so called for his skill and cunning in that respect. He is the leader...
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