Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard "Rick" Falkvinge (born Dick Greger Augustsson on 21 January 1972) is a Swedish IT serial entrepreneur known as the founder and first party leader of the Swedish Pirate Party. He is currently a...
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Bo Leuf
Bo Arne Leuf (July 9, 1952 – April 24, 2009) was the author of the book The Wiki Way (2001), written in collaboration with wiki inventor Ward Cunningham. His book Peer To Peer (2002) discusses differe...
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Amelia Andersdotter
Amelia Andersdotter (born 30 August 1987, Enköping) is a Swedish politician and former Member of the European Parliament (2011–2014), elected on the Piratpartiet list in the 2009 election.
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