Vir Das | Stand-Up Comedy | Indians are Racist-ish
Conversations about racism are never easy. Here's a little something on racism from my Netflix Special AbroadUnderstanding! Do watch/like/share! If you haven't see the special, click here: http://bit....
''Reparations white lady''! Black Guy Demands Free Coffee At Starbucks And Gets It!
April 16, 2018 - The white barista complied immediately. I heard ya'll was racist, so I came to get my free coffee, Bryan Sharpe, who goes by Hotep Jesus on Twitter, says to a white girl behind the c...
Leftists Give Examples Of Socialist Countries
WOW! Leftists Give Examples Of Socialist Countries Then Get Totally DESTROYED
Charlie Kirk Is Asked If There Is ANYTHING Good About Socialism
SPOT ON! Charlie Kirk Is Asked If There Is ANYTHING Good About Socialism & His Answer Is Simple: NO!
Ben Shapiro explains socialism in two minutes
Here's my explanation of why socialism is a failed, tyrannical form of government:
Communism in 100 seconds by Daniel Hannan
This video was created by the ECR Group ( Thanks to them and of course, to Mr. Hannan. This video is NOT MONETIZED. [Reproduction of textual data and multimedia items which are t...
Examples Of Socialist Countries
WOW! Leftists Give Examples Of Socialist Countries Then Get Totally DESTROYED! #SocialismSucks
Is Math Racist?
Is math racist? Does your skin color determine your ability to succeed in math? University of Illinois Professor Rochelle Gutierrez thinks so! She claims that white people are the ones able to achieve...
Milton Friedman schools young Bernie Sanders about poverty
Milton is a Genius! Bernie got nothing from it and he still doesn't get it.
Milton Friedman: Inequality - Does Capitalism Benefit the Rich over the Poor?
Milton Friedman, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Economic Science, was one of the most recognizable and influential proponents of liberty and markets in the 20th century, and the leader of the C...
FACTS: They matter.This short video... - Molon Labe Industries
FACTS: They matter This short video shows how wrong the leftists, marxists, antifa, nazis, communists and your dipshit college professors are.
Witches gather at midnight to cast spell on Trump
Men and women from around the world are planning to gather and cast a spell at midnight that will stop President Trump from doing harm while also possibly banishing him from office.
Bleeding-heart libertarianism
Bleeding-heart libertarianism, sometimes referred to as the Arizona School, is a libertarian political movement and ideology that focuses on the compatibility of support for civil liberties and free m...
Eurasianism (Russian: Евразийство, Yevraziystvo) is a political movement in Russia, formerly within the primarily Russian émigré community, that is focused on the geopolitical concept of Eurasia.<...
Eurasianism - Wikipedia
Neo-medievalism (or neomedievalism) is a neologism that was first popularized by Italian medievalist Umberto Eco in his 1986 essay "Dreaming in the Middle Ages". Prior to this the term was used in Is...
A reactionary is a person who holds political views that favor a return to the status quo ante, the previous political state of society, which possessed characteristics (discipline, respect for author...
Reactionary - Wikipedia
Clash of Civilizations
poor greeks,foolish england,stupidity france,great selçuklu empire,huge mongol empires and defeated roman empire only OTTOMAN EMPIRE.
Socialism vs Democratic Socialism vs Social Democracy vs Capitalism vs Communism Explanation
Quickly and clearly explained differences between Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Social Democracy. What do each of these misused words mean in relation to one another? How...
Dems Can Abandon the Center Because the Center Doesn’t Exist
The center is a myth that obscures the genuine electoral risks that Democrats would face in moving left — and the potential benefits of such a pivot.
Why You Love Capitalism
It's a unique problem in wealthy free market societies that wealthy intellectuals slander the free market.
Students Love Socialism... But Can't Define What It Is
We interviewed students in D.C. to get their opinions on Socialism. Yes, they love it. No, they're not too sure why. Watch them try to define what socialism is... Read the story here: --------------...
Is Capitalism Moral?
New Video with economist Walter Williams! -> "Is Capitalism Moral?" Is capitalism moral or greedy? If it's based on greed and selfishness, what's the best alternative economic system? Perhaps...