List of cities in North Korea
Ten most populous cities of North KoreaThe important cities of North Korea have self-governing status equivalent to that of provinces. Pyongyang, the largest city and capital, is classi...
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List of second-level administrative divisions of North Korea
This is a list of all second-level administrative divisions of North Korea, including cities, counties, workers' districts, districts, and wards, organized by province or directly governed city.
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Kijŏngdong, Kijŏng-dong or Kijŏng tong is a village in P'yŏnghwa-ri (Chosŏn'gŭl: 평화리; hancha: 平和里), Kaesong-si, North Korea. It is situated in the North's half of the Korean Demilitarized ...
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Haeju is a city located in South Hwanghae Province near Haeju Bay in North Korea. It is the administrative centre of South Hwanghae Province. As of 2000, the population of the city is estimated to be ...
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Aho-dong is a city in Munsal-li Paechon, South Hwanghae Province, North Korea, located at coordinates 37.8942 N, 126.3742 E. The city is immediately north of the South Korean-North Korean border, wh...
Amsil is a village in Kaepung, North Hwanghae, North Korea near the South Korean border. 126°35′E / 37.783°N 126.583°E / 37.783; 126.583
Unsan-ŭp is the town in Unsan County, North Pyongan Province, North Korea. The former name Onjŏng-ri was reorganized to Unsan-eup in 1954.
Onjŏng was a ri from 1949 to 1954.In October 1950, Onjŏng...
Namyang Workers' District
Namyang Workers' District (남양로동자구) is a town in Onsong, North Hamgyong, North Korea. It lies on the Tumen River and opposite to the city of Tumen that stands in the Chinese bank of the river.The town'...
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Sinŭiju (Shinŭiju-si) is a city in North Korea, neighboring with Dandong City, China via international border and is the capital of North Pyeongan Province. Part of the city is included in the Sinŭiju...
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Dong (administrative division)
A dong is the lowest administrative unit of districts (gu 구/區) and of those cities (si 시/市) which are not divided into wards throughout Korea. The unit is often translated as neighbourhood and has bee...
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Kangdong County
Kangdong County, is one of Pyongyang's four suburban counties. In 1983 it was separated from South P'yongan Province and assumed direct governance by the Pyongyang City People's Committee. It is bor...
Ŏjŏk-tong is a village located in Uiju, North Pyongan Province, North Korea. It has a population of around 54767 residents. 124°32′E / 40.217°N 124.533°E / 40.217; 124.533
Kujang (town)
Kujang is a town in Kujang County, North Pyongan Province, North Korea. It is near Hyangsan. The Kujang station, broadcasting the radio programme Voice of Korea, is 25 km from the town, about 100...
129°12′2″E / 40.66722°N 129.20056°E / 40.66722; 129.20056Kimch'aek, formerly Sŏngjin (Chosŏn'gŭl: 성진, Hancha: 城津), is a city in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea. It was an...
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Hamhŭng (Hamhŭng-si; [hamhɯŋ ɕʰi]) is North Korea's second largest city, and the capital of South Hamgyŏng Province. In late 2005, nearby Hŭngnam was made a ward (kuyŏk) within Hamhŭng-si. It has a po...
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Ri (administrative division)
A Ri is an administrative unit in both North Korea and South Korea similar to the unit of Village.