M'Bour - Fish Market
There is tough competition to catch Senegal's fish. The best stuff is sent right away to Europe and Asia, through the work of the mareyeurs. Ben Barnier ABC.
Dakar (/dɑːˈkɑːr, ˈdækər/; [da.kaʁ]) is the capital and largest city of Senegal.It is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula on the Atlantic coast and is the westernmost city in the Old World and on the Af...
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Saint-Louis, Senegal
Saint-Louis, or Ndar as it is called in Wolof, is the capital of Senegal's Saint-Louis Region. Located in the northwest of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal River, and 320 km north of Senega...
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Ziguinchor (also called Zinguinchor) is the capital of the Ziguinchor Region, and the chief town of the Casamance area of Senegal, lying at the mouth of the Casamance River. It has a population of ove...
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Paoskoto (often Paoscoto or Paos Koto) is a village and rural commune in Paoskoto Arrondissement in the Nioro du Rip Department of the Kaolack Region of Senegal, located near the border with the Gamb...
Batinière is a settlement in Senegal.
16°28′59″W / 12.50083°N 16.48306°W / 12.50083; -16.48306
Boucotte Diola
Boucotte Diola is a settlement in Senegal.
16°44′41″W / 12.42139°N 16.74472°W / 12.42139; -16.74472
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Kaffrine is the capital town of Kaffrine Region of Senegal. 15°42′W / 14.117°N 15.700°W / 14.117; -15.700
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Niassia (also spelled Nyassia) is a village and commune in Ziguinchor Department, Ziguinchor Region, Casamance, Senegal.
Niassia is the capital of the rural community of Niassia and Niassia distri...
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Bala, Senegal
Bala is a town in Tambacounda Region, eastern Senegal. It has a station on the main line of the Dakar–Niger Railway.
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Kolda is a city located in southern Senegal. It is the capital city of Kolda Region, a region known historically and popularly as Haute Casamance.
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Kédougou is a town in southeastern Senegal at 12.56 degrees N. latitude and 12.21 degrees W, longitude and at an elevation of 547 feet (167 meters) above sea level. Founded in the early 20th century b...
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Baguigui is a settlement in Senegal.
Mpal, Senegal
Mpal is a town in northwestern Senegal. It lies on a branch railway of the Senegal Railway system.
Lac de Guiers
The Lac de Guiers or Lake Guiers is a lake in northern Senegal, south of the city of Richard-Toll and in the Louga and Saint-Louis regions. It is a chief source of fresh water for the city of Dakar, ...
Baïpeulh-Frontière is a settlement in Senegal.
Bandial is a village in the commune of Enampore, Nyassia Arrondissement, Ziguinchor Department in the Ziguinchor Region of Senegal. According to PEPAM (Programme d'eau potable et d'assainissement du ...
Kaolack (Kawlax in Wolof) is a town of 172,305 people (2002 census) on the north bank of the Saloum River and the N1 road in Senegal. It is the capital of the Kaolack Region, which borders The Gambia...
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Mbam is a village in the Fatick Region of Senegal, 2km from the town of Foundiougne. The unofficial population is around 4,000.
As a primary means of income, the village produces life vests, peanu...
Bouliwaye is a settlement in Senegal.
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Agnam Civol
13°41′35″W / 16.00500°N 13.69306°W / 16.00500; -13.69306Agnam Civol (also Anyam Siwol or Civol is a small town in the north-east of Senegal about 70 km north-west from Ma...
Balenkine-Sud is a settlement in Senegal.
15°59′10″W / 12.88917°N 15.98611°W / 12.88917; -15.98611
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Bamba Thialène
Bamba Thialène is a settlement in Senegal.
Balla-Djifalone is a settlement in Senegal.
Fatick is a town in Senegal, located between M'bour and Kaolack and inhabited by the Serer people. Its 2005 population was estimated at 24,243. It is the capital of the Fatick Region.
The city has...
Thiaroye (or Tiaroye) is the name of a historic town in Sénégal, situated in the suburbs of Dakar, on the southeast coast of the Cap-Vert peninsula, between Pikine and Rufisque.Since the administrativ...
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