Sørvágur is a village on the island of Vágar in the Faroe Islands.It is located at the landward end of Sørvágsfjørður. Sørvágur is the largest village in the municipality of Sørvágs Kommuna.
The n...
Port of Santo Domingo
The Port of Santo Domingo is located at the mouth of the marine entrance to the City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The port is suited for both turnaround and transit visits.
The Port of Sa...
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Port of Sines
The Port of Sines is the first largest artificial port of Portugal, and a deep water port, natural backgrounds to -28 m ZH with specialized terminals that allow the movement of different types of good...
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Colombo Harbour
The Port of Colombo (known as Port of Kolomtota during the early 14th Century Kotte Kingdom) is the largest and busiest port in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia. Located in Colombo, on the southwest...
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Beira, Mozambique
Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique. It lies in the central region of the country in Sofala Province, where the Pungue River meets the Indian Ocean. Beira had a population of 412,588 in 1...
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Port of Tanga
The Port of Tanga is the second largest port in Tanzania.
At present, the port is served by three shipping lines: Delmas, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Inchcape.
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Saint Aubin, Jersey
Saint Aubin or St Aubin is a port in the Channel Island of Jersey. It opens out to a bay of the Gulf of Saint-Malo.Originally a fishing village located on the west side of Saint Aubin's Bay opposing S...
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Lyttelton Harbour
Lyttelton Harbour gives access to the port at Lyttelton.Lyttelton Harbour (Māori: Te Whaka-raupo) is one of two major inlets in Banks Peninsula, on the coast of Canterbury, New Zealand; the other ...
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Baku International Sea Trade Port
Baku International Marine Trade Port is a sea port located in the Bay of Baku, on the coast of city of Baku, Azerbaijan. The main entrance faces the Neftchiler Avenue.
The Baku port was built in 1...
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Port Klang Free Zone
Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) is a 1,000-acre (4.0 km) regional industrial park located in Malaysia. It offers extensive distribution and manufacturing facilities. It is located along the Straits o...
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Port of Vienna
The Port of Vienna is the largest Austrian river port and one of the largest ports on the Danube River, with a total annual traffic capacity of around 12 million tonnes of cargo.
In 2007 the Port ...
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List of ports in Romania
The following is a list of major ports in Romania.
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Jurong Port
Jurong Port Pte Ltd (Chinese: 裕廊海港私人有限公司) is a port operator headquartered in Singapore. Jurong Port, which operates the only multi-purpose port in Singapore, handles bulk, breakbulk and containerized...
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Musaffah Port
Musaffah Port (Arabic: ميناء مصفّح‎) is an Abu Dhabi Ports' port located in the industrial town of Musaffah south west of the city of Abu Dhabi. The deepwater Musaffah Port and Musaffah Chan...
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Trincomalee Harbour
The Trincomalee Harbour is a large natural harbour in Sri Lanka. Located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka in the heart of the Indian Ocean, its strategic importance has shaped its recent history. There had b...
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Riga Passenger Terminal
Riga Passenger Terminal (Latvian: Rīgas pasažieru termināls) is a terminal in Riga, Latvia, that services public and private passenger traffic by sea. The terminal is situated at the address 3A Ek...
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Port of Ravenna
12°17′0″E / 44.48333°N 12.28333°E / 44.48333; 12.28333The Port of Ravenna is an Italian seaport on the North Adriatic Sea in Ravenna, Italy. It is one of the top twenty Italia...
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Port of Benghazi
Location of the Port of Benghazi in LibyaThe Port of Benghazi is a major seaport in the city of Benghazi, Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea coast within the Gulf of Sidra.
A natural seaport, it was ...
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Saint Helier
Saint Helier (/sənt ˈhɛliər/; French language: Saint-Hélier [sɛ̃t‿elje], Jèrriais: Saint Hélyi) is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. St. ...
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Gibraltar Harbour
Gibraltar Harbour, also known as Port of Gibraltar, is a seaport in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It was a strategically important location during the Napoleonic Wars and after 1869 ser...
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