Presidente Hayes Department
Presidente Hayes ([pɾesiˌðente ˈxejs]) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Villa Hayes. The department was named after U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes, who awarded the territory...
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Roman Catholic Diocese of Benjamín Aceval
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Benjamín Aceval (Latin: Dioecesis Beniaminacevalensis) is a diocese located in the city of Benjamín Aceval in the Ecclesiastical province of Asunción in Paraguay.
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Pozo Colorado
Pozo Colorado is a town in Paraguay, located in the department of Presidente Hayes.
Villa Hayes
Villa Hayes is a city in Paraguay, and is the capital of Presidente Hayes Department.
Known as “the City of the Five Names”, it was eventually named in honor of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President...
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Nanawa is a town in the Presidente Hayes department of Paraguay. The urban area is divided by the Pilcomayo River from the city of Clorinda in the country of Argentina.
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Club Presidente Hayes
Club Presidente Hayes is a Paraguayan football (soccer) club from Tacumbú, a section of Asunción, Paraguay. The club is also known colloquially by its nicknames The Yankees (Los Yanquis) and The Littl...
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José Falcón, Paraguay
José Falcón is a district in Presidente Hayes Department of Paraguay. Located 48 km from Asuncion.
Located in the Western region of Paraguay, in the area of Paraguayan Chaco. Its physical app...
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Route 5 (Paraguay)
National Route 5 (in Spanish, Ruta Nacional Número 5 "Gral. Bernardino Caballero", or simply Ruta Quinta) is a highway in northern Paraguay, it runs from Pozo Colorado to Pedro Juan Caballero. It cros...
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Benjamín Aceval
Benjamín Aceval is a town in the Department of Presidente Hayes in Paraguay. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Benjamín Aceval.
It is named after the Paraguayan diplomat who t...
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