Protected area
Protected areas or conservation areas are locations which receive protection because of their recognised natural, ecological and/or cultural values. There are several kinds of protected areas, which v...
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Canada's Best National Parks - Head Elsewhere
Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia (arguably one of the most beautiful Canadian provinces) is a quick 45 minute drive away! My boyfriend and I have been taking advantage of thi...
50 Years After His Death, Architect’s Buildings Are Still Shaping History
Seventeen projects designed by Le Corbusier have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The World's First Underground Park Is Coming To New York City, And It Looks Awesome
The Lowline Project is one of the city's most ambitious to date, and it could transform how people think of urban environments.
Happy Centennial! 100 National Parks experiences you must try -
The National Parks Service turns 100 on August 25,2016.
11 reasons why Philadelphia was named a World Heritage city
The City of Philadelphia has been named the first World Heritage City in the United States. Taking place alongside the likes of Rome, Paris, Cairo, and Quebec, Philadelphia is now a part of the UNESCO...
This Pig Evaded Slaughter By Jumping From A Moving Truck
It’s generally not a good idea to leap from a moving vehicle, but a courageous jump recently paid off in a big way for a pig named Rita. Rita was apprehended by animal control officers after motorists...
8 Gorgeous National Parks You've Never Heard Of
Celebrating the diversity of protected lands on the U.S. park service's 99th birthday.
8 Gorgeous National Parks You've Never Heard Of
Celebrating the diversity of protected lands on the U.S. park service's 99th birthday. We took a look back at our archives and found these photos of little-known parks. The National Park Service prote...
$1.6 million ultimate luxury vacation - 2 years around the world visiting all 962 UNESCO sites
We've all done it: dreamed of pushing our chair away from the desk, grabbing a bag and buying a round-the-world plane ticket. But life, commitments, dusty bank accounts and the idea of all that dratte...
Nevada and California hikers dead or missing after Zion National Park floods - News3LV
Four people are dead and three remain missing after flash flooding Monday night at Zion National Park’s Keyhole Canyon.
The Hudson Yards Public Square - New York's "Other" Elevated Park
New York’s newest elevated park, designed by the award winning firm Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, will be unlike any other park in the city. With jet engines, super chilled roots, smart soil...
Photos reveal Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory destruction
It may look like a stunning rainbow of colour but the pool has been dubbed the Fading Glory, due to the transformation from its original crystal blue colour to the yellowy-green hue it has today.
Exploring the world's first 12 heritage sites
The first 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites include the Galapagos Islands, Yellowstone, the center of Krakow, Poland, and rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia.
New Additions To UNESCO World Heritage List
Each year, UNESCO inscribes new sites on its World Heritage List in recognition of their timeless value to humanity. The 37th session of the World Heritage Committee has resulted in 19 outstanding add...
World Heritage Sites
More destination ideas... UNESCO World Heritage sites includes some of the most beautiful, famous and historic landmarks around...
Man and the Biosphere Programme
The Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB, or MaB) of UNESCO was established in 1971 to promote interdisciplinary approaches to management, research and education in ecosystem conservation and sustaina...
Common land
Common land (a common) is land owned collectively by a number of persons, or by one person, but over which other people have certain traditional rights, such as to allow their livestock to graze upon ...
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Game reserve
Game reserves are areas of land set aside for the conservation of wild animals. Many game reserves are located in Africa. Most are open to the public, and tourists commonly take sightseeing safaris.A ...
National Scenic Area
National Scenic Area is a designation for areas of natural beauty used by more than one nation.