La Liberté (1865 newspaper)
La Liberté was a French Legitimist newspaper created in July 1865 by Charles-François-Xavier Müller and sold in 1866 to Émile de Girardin. Its last issue was published in 1870.
The Sporting Magazine
The Sporting Magazine (1792–1870) was the first English sporting periodical to devote itself to every type of sport, thus providing the historian with a reasonably comprehensive source. Its subtitle w...
Dølen (meaning The Dalesman in English) is a former Norwegian weekly literary magazine published in Norway between 1858 and 1870.
Dølen was established by Aasmund Olavson Vinje in 1858. The first ...
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Millennial Harbinger
The Millennial Harbinger was a religious magazine established by the early Restoration Movement leader Alexander Campbell in 1830. Campbell viewed the magazine as an important vehicle for promoting th...
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