Nicolae Leon
Nicolae Leon (1862-1931) was a Romanian biologist. He was the elder half brother of the naturalist Grigore Antipa.
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Alexandru Orăscu
Alexandru Hristea Orăscu (30 July 1817 – 16 December 1894) was a Romanian architect famous for his Neoclassicist and Renaissance-revival works. He studied architecture in Berlin and Munchen. He ...
Alexandru Borza
Alexandru Borza (1887, Alba Iulia - 3 September 1971, Cluj) was a Romanian botanist, Greek-Catholic priest and honorary protopop of Cluj.As part of a group of professors, physicians, soldiers, etc., h...
Gheorghe Costa-Foru
Gheorghe Costa-Foru (October 26, 1820 – November 28, 1876) was a lawyer, university professor and Romanian politician who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
A graduate of Law School ...
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Raluca Ripan
Raluca Ripan (27 June 1894, Iași - 5 December 1972, Cluj) was a Romanian chemist, and a member of the Romanian Academy. She wrote many treatises, especially in the field of analytical chemistry.
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Ioan Zalomit
Ioan Zalomit (1823–1885) was a Romanian philosopher, professor and rector of the University of Bucharest.
Ioan Zalomit was born in Bucharest, in a family of merchants. His parents were probably of...
Gheorghe Mihoc
Gheorghe Mihoc (July 7, 1906 – December 25, 1981) was a Romanian statistician. He was born in Brăila, the son of a worker.In 1908, his father moved the family to Bucharest. Here he attended elementary...