Reliability engineering
Reliability engineering is engineering that emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product. Dependability, or reliability, describes the ability of a system or component to function...
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This is why you should not speed across... - What Did I Just Watch?
This is why you should not speed across a busy lake!
Construction crane falls onto Audi; driver miraculously survives
HONG KONG: A motorist had a narrow escape in southern China after the arm of a huge construction crane fell onto a road and crushed the front of his Audi.
Bad Drivers - Please...Drive safely
Please...Drive safely Like Bad Drivers for more videos 😏
SKY4 over a house in Arlington where a car...
SKY4 over a house in Arlington where a car crashed and wound up in a pool.
Helicopter Accidents
The higher the fall, the hurt
French model Rebecca Burger killed in tragic accident
Defective whipped cream dispenser exploded, striking Burger in the chest
7 U.S. Sailors Missing After Navy Missile Destroyer Collided With Philippines Cargo Ship!
At least 3 injured including ship's commanding officer and 7 missing after US Navy destroyer collides with merchant vessel off Japan
Video captures small plane crash in Washington
Dashcam video recorded a small plane crash land over a busy road in Mukilteo, Washington, clipping power lines as it went down.
Expert explains how to survive almost every plane crash
Almost all aircraft accidents are survivable – with 87.7 per cent of incidents involving zero fatalities – but there’s one step which can massively increase your chances, an expert has explained.
Customer Fail!
Customer damages over £5000 worth of TVs at our St. Austell store!
Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident -
**This may not be appropriate for our younger viewers.**
Hoboken, New Jersey, train crashes into station
Commuter train barrels into New Jersey rail station during morning rush hour
Emirates plane crash-lands at Dubai airport
Firefighter killed battling blaze after Emirates Boeing 777 crash-landed, but all 300 on board were evacuated safely.
Evidence Suggests Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was Deliberately Flown Into Ocean
The Australian-led search for MH370 has again been accused of looking in the wrong place for the Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 based on evidence someone was in control of the plane till the very end.....
Tailgater gets brake checked and then crashes
Tail-gater gets brake-checked and crashes For licensing/usage, email
Reliability theory
Reliability theory describes the probability of a system completing its expected function during an interval of time. It is the basis of reliability engineering, which is an area of study focused on o...
Root cause analysis
Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root causes of faults or problems. A root cause is a cause that once removed from the problem fault sequence, preven...
Survival analysis
Survival analysis is a branch of statistics that deals with analysis of time duration until one or more events happen, such as death in biological organisms and failure in mechanical systems. This top...
Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Product failure ranges from failure to sell the product to fracture of...
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Physics of failure
Physics of Failure is a technique under the practice of Design for Reliability that leverages the knowledge and understanding of the processes and mechanisms that induce failure to predict reliability...
Failure causes
Failure causes are defects in design, process, quality, or part application, which are the underlying cause of a failure or which initiate a process which leads to failure. Where failure depends on th...
Failure rate
Failure rate is the frequency with which an engineered system or component fails, expressed, for example, in failures per hour. It is often denoted by the Greek letter λ (lambda) and is important in ...
Accelerated life testing
Accelerated life testing is the process of testing a product by subjecting it to conditions (stress, strain, temperatures, voltage, vibration rate, pressure etc.) in excess of its normal service param...
Burn-in is the process by which components of a system are exercised prior to being placed in service (and often, prior to the system being completely assembled from those components). This testing pr...
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Fault-tolerant design
Fault tolerance is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of (or one or more faults within) some of its components. If its operating quality decr...
Reliability (semiconductor)
Reliability of semiconductor devices can be summarized as follows:Design factors affecting semiconductor reliability include: voltage derating, power derating, current derating, metastability, logic t...
Fault tolerance
Fault tolerance is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of (or one or more faults within) some of its components. If its operating quality decr...
Safety engineering
Safety engineering is an engineering discipline which assures that engineered systems provide acceptable levels of safety. It is strongly related to systems engineering, industrial engineering and the...