Religion in London
London has centres of worship for a multitude of faiths. According to the 2011 Census, the largest religious groupings are Christians (48.4 per cent), followed by those of no religion (20.7 per cent),...
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Religion in York
Religion in York can be traced back to the City's foundation in Roman times with evidence of York's first Christian community dating from this period.
A range of evidence about Roman religious bel...
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Monastery of The Holy Spirit, Sheffield
The Monastery of The Holy Spirit, known locally as Kirk Edge Convent is a Carmelite monastery for nuns. It is situated on Kirk Edge Road between the villages of Worrall and High Bradfield within the b...
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Abbot of Peterborough
A list of the abbots of the abbey of Peterborough, known until the late 10th century as "Medeshamstede".
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Jacob Barnet affair
The Jacob Barnet affair occurred in 1612 when a Jewish teacher by the name of Jacob Barnet was arrested and imprisoned by officials of the University of Oxford for changing his mind about being baptis...
Manchester Reform Synagogue
Manchester Reform Synagogue, a member of the Movement for Reform Judaism, is one of the oldest Reform synagogues in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1857, the synagogue is located in central Manchester...