Religious aspects of marriage
Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their ch...
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Ultimate Wedding Fail Compilation Funny Wedding Wedding Fails
Ultimate Wedding Fail Compilation Funny Wedding Wedding Fails
DAD'S GOT MOVES! This Utah bride and her dad surprised their guests
DAD'S GOT MOVES! This Utah bride and her dad surprised their guests with an awesome father-daughter mash-up dance! They'd been talking about doing this for years and managed to pull it off on the big....
Donald Trump's Back to Crashing Weddings at Golf Club in New Jersey
Donald Trump can't stop (and won't stop) crashing weddings in New Jersey -- especially if there's a chance to give the bride a smooch and woo the crowd at the same time. SUBSCRIBE:
Pippa Middleton wedding: George and Charlotte enjoy day
The niece and nephew of the bride, two and three, were met by plenty of coos from the crowd as they made their way into St Mark's Church in the village of Englefield on Saturday.
Great wedding performance by bride
Bride and bridesmaids perform for groom
Why Weddings Are a Total Rip-Off
This entire ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy industry looking to make a buck...
$1 billion Wedding Of Said Gutseriev, Khadija Uzhakhovs
The wedding featured celebrity performances from Jennifer Lopez, Sting, and Enrique Iglesias, as well as a custom-made designer dress.
Surprise Flash Mob Wedding Dance
Putting together a successful 'flash mob' dance takes coordination, skill, practice, and months of prep.
Emotional haka at wedding reception takes internet by storm
An emotional haka performed at a wedding reception in Auckland last weekend is taking the internet by storm.
Her Dad Died Just Before Her Wedding But What Her Brother Did Left The Whole Room In Tears
Imagine the heartbreak of losing your father to cancer only months before your wedding day. Think of the pain and sorrow that would be mingled with joy on th...
This subset of women has the best odds of making a marriage last
US divorce rates are declining, but not all marriages are created equal. Some couples have the odds stacked in their favor before they even tie knot. Women with college degrees are nearly twice as lik...
GoPro: Our Snowy Wedding (from our dog's perspective)
On November 2nd, 2014, Addie and I got married on the top of Roan Mountain, TN in 2 feet of snowy wonder. It was cold and magical. Our dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her ...
Braided updo hairstyle for medium/long hair tutorial ❤ Wedding, prom
Here comes a Holiday hair tutorial on a very soft and feminine curly updo with a side braid, great for medium length and long hair. It works best on curly hair (at least wavy hair, just not straight!)...
Halle Berry's ex Dave Justice tells why he's finally speaking out
One week after news broke of Halle Berry's third divorce - her first husband is took to twitter insisting that the claims he abused her are lies. He talks exclusively to Daily Mail Online.
Chinese marriage
Traditional Chinese marriage (Chinese: 婚姻; pinyin: hūnyīn) is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that involve a marriage established by pre-arrangement between families. Within Chine...
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Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is marriage between two people of the same sex. Legal recognition of same-sex marriage or the possibility to perform a same-sex marriage is sometimes ref...
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Arranged marriage
Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. It was common worldwide until the 18th century. In more recent times, ar...
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Forced marriage
Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will. A forced marriage differs from an arranged marriage, in which both ...
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A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding cer...
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Cohabitation is an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis."Cohabitation" usually refer...
Chastity is sexual behavior of a man or woman that is acceptable to the moral standards and guidelines of their culture, civilization or religion. In the Western world, the term has become closely ass...
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Adultery (anglicised from Latin adulterium) is extramarital sex that is considered objectionable on social, religious, moral or legal grounds. Though what sexual activities constitute adultery varies,...
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Marriage law
Marriage law refers to the legal requirements that determine the validity of a marriage, and which vary considerably among countries.
A marriage, by definition, bestows rights and obligations on t...
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Common-law marriage
Common-law marriage, also known as sui juris marriage, informal marriage, or marriage by habit and repute, is a legal framework in a limited number of jurisdictions where a couple is legally considere...
Rights and responsibilities of marriages in the United States
According to the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), there are 1,138 statutory provisions in which marital status is a factor in determining benefits, rights, and privileges. These r...
Jewish views of marriage
In traditional Judaism, marriage is viewed as a contractual bond commanded by God in which a man and a woman come together to create a relationship in which God is directly involved. (Deut. 24:1) Thou...
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Christian views of marriage
Most Christian authorities and bodies view marriage (also called Holy Matrimony) as a state instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wif...
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Marriage in the Eastern Orthodox Church

The Sacrament or, more properly, Sacred Mystery of Marriage does not unite a man and a woman. Rather, it is the Church's recognition of a union that God has already begun to work in their lives. ...
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