Restaurants in Israel
This is a list of notable restaurants in Israel.
Max Brenner
Max Brenner is a worldwide chocolate restaurant and retail brand headquartered in Ra'anana, Israel. The company operates more than 50 locations internationally, the majority (38) of which are in Austr...
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List of restaurants in Israel
This is a list of notable restaurants in Israel.
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Ticho House
Ticho House (Hebrew: בית טיכו‎, Beit Tikho) is a historical home in Jerusalem, Israel, now functioning a museum administered as part of the national Israel Museum, a restaurant and cultural ...
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Burger Ranch
Burgeranch (Hebrew: בורגראנץ'‏‎) is an Israeli fast-food chain. In 2010, the Burgeranch chain included 107 restaurants with over 1500 employees, competing primarily with McDonald's Israel. ...
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Café Hillel
Café Hillel (Hebrew: קפה הלל) is a cafe, espresso bar, and sandwich bar chain in Israel.
In 1998, Koby and Yossi Sherf opened the first branch of Café Hillel on Jerusalem's Hillel Street, the sour...
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McDonald's Israel
McDonald's Israel (Hebrew: מקדונלד'ס ישראל‎ McDonald's Israel) is the Israeli master franchise of the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's. Operated and licensed by Alonyal Limited (Hebrew: אל...
Café Café
Café Café is a chain of cafés in Israel. As of February 2010, Café Café has had 112 locations, making it the largest coffee chain in the country and overtaking Aroma Espresso Bar. Each location is ind...
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Mul Yam
Mul Yam (Hebrew: מול ים‎ "across the sea") is an Israeli restaurant located in Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv.Mul Yam was established in 1995 by Shalom Maharovsky, its current owner; the chef is Yo...
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Burger King Israel
Burger King Israel (Hebrew: ברגר קינג), was the Israeli subsidiary of Burger King. Burger King first entered the Israeli market in 1993. It eventually closed in 2010, due to a merger with Burgeranch. ...
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