Resurrection of Jesus
Theresurrection of Jesus is the Christian religious belief that, after being put to death to take the punishment deserved by others for the sins of the world, Jesus rose again from the dead. It is the...
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The results are so stunning!
The results are so stunning!
Trump visits the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
President Trump and his family visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem on May 22.
Incredible Egg Art Will Awe You | Short Film Showcase
In Bukovina, a northern region of Romania, the Easter tradition of dyeing eggs has been elevated into an art form. Filmmaker Titus-Armand Napirlica along wit...
BUSTED! Bunny making Easter Eggs
Have you ever wonder how Easter Eggs are made?
Unsealing Of Christ's Reputed Tomb Turns Up New Revelations
For just 60 hours, researchers have had the opportunity to examine the holiest site in Christianity. Here's what they've found.
Dye Your Easter Eggs With Silk
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How to Fold a Bunny Napkin
Dress up your Easter table the easy way by folding paper napkins into bunnies.
Entombment of Christ
The burial of Jesus refers to the burial of the body of Jesus after crucifixion, described in the New Testament. According to the canonical gospel accounts, he was placed in a tomb by a man named Jose...
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Intermediate state
In Christian eschatology, the intermediate state or interim state refers to a person's "intermediate" existence between one's death and the universal resurrection. In addition, there are beliefs in a ...
Empty tomb
In Christianity, the empty tomb is the tomb of Jesus that was found to be empty by the women myrrhbearers who had come to his tomb to carry out their last devotions to Jesus' body by anointing his bod...
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In Orthodox Christian tradition the Myrrhbearers (Greek: Μυροφόροι, Latin: Myrophorae; Slavonic: Жены́-мѷроно́сицы; Romanian: mironosiţe) are the individuals mentioned in the New Testament who wer...
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Resurrection appearances of Jesus
The major resurrection appearances of Jesus in the canonical gospels (and to a lesser extent other books of the New Testament) are reported to have occurred after his death, burial and resurrection, b...
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Easter (Old English usually Ēastrun, -on, or -an; also Ēastru, -o; and Ēostre), also called Pasch (derived, through Latin: Pascha and Greek Πάσχα Paskha, from Aramaic: פסחא‎, cognate to Heb...
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Resurrection of Jesus in Christian art
The Resurrection of Jesus has long been central to Christian faith and Christian art, whether as a single scene or as part of a cycle of the Life of Christ. In the teachings of the traditional Christ...
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Historicity and origin of the Resurrection of Jesus
The historicity and origin of the Resurrection of Jesus has been the subject of historical research and debate, as well as a topic of discussion among theologians. The accounts of the Gospels, includi...
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Judaism's view of Jesus
Judaism generally views Jesus as one of a number of Jewish Messiah claimants who have appeared throughout history. Jesus is viewed as having been the most influential, and consequently the most damagi...
Islamic view of Jesus' death
The issue of the crucifixion and death of Jesus (Isa) is important to Muslims as they believe that Jesus will return before the end of time. Muslims believe Jesus was not crucified, but was raised bod...
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John 20:3-4
John 20:3–4 are the third and fourth verses of the twentieth chapter of the Gospel of John in the New Testament. Peter and the Beloved Disciple have been informed by Mary Magdalene that Jesus' tomb h...
The results are so stunning!
The results are so stunning!