Oct 9,1967-Che Guevara Is Executed
On this day in 1967, socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara, age 39, is killed by the Bolivian army.
Conservatives Lose It After Obama Takes Photo In Front Of Che Guevara Mural
The conservative blogosphere had a collective melt down after President Barack Obama took a picture in front of a mural of Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara on Monday in Havana's Revolution Plaza...
How Che Guevara's home became a kitesurfing haven
Once a seaside getaway for Cuba's wealthy and the honeymoon home of Che Guevara, Tarara is a resort with a rich history.
Che Guevara
Un Homme d'engagement, d'action et de coeur, mais aussi un héros, un modèle et un symbole.
Che Guevara - Nathalie Cardone - Video
Comandante Che Guevara Hasta Siempre Nathalie Cardone.
Oct 9,1967-Che Guevara Is Executed
On this day in 1967, socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara, age 39, is killed by the Bolivian army.
Charles A. Ellwood
Charles Abram Ellwood (January 20, 1873 near Ogdensburg, New York – September 25, 1946) was one of the leading American sociologists of the interwar period, studying intolerance, communication and rev...
Frantz Fanon
Frantz Omar Fanon (20 July 1925 – 6 December 1961) was a Martinique-born Afro-French psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer whose works are influential in the fields of post-colonial stu...
Frantz Fanon - Wikipedia
John Markoff (sociologist)
John Markoff (born 1942) is Professor of Sociology and History at the University of Pittsburgh.
Markoff received a BA from Columbia College in 1962 and a PhD from Johns Hopkins in 1972. Prior to t...
John Markoff (sociologist) - Wikipedia
Régis Debray
Jules Régis Debray ([dəbʁɛ]; born September 2, 1940) is a French philosopher, journalist, former government official and academic. He is known for his theorization of mediology — a critical theory of ...
Régis Debray - Wikipedia
Richard Seymour (writer)
Richard Seymour (born 1977) is a Northern Irish Marxist writer and broadcaster, activist and owner of the blog Lenin's Tomb. The author of The Liberal Defence of Murder and other books, Seymour was bo...
Richard Seymour (writer) - Wikipedia
Jack Goldstone
Jack A. Goldstone is an American sociologist and political scientist, specializing in studies of social movements, revolutions, and international politics. He is an author or editor of 13 books and ov...
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Samuel P. Huntington
Samuel Phillips Huntington (April 18, 1927 – December 24, 2008) was an influential conservative political scientist from the United States of America whose works covered multiple sub-fields of politi...
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Andrey Korotayev
Andrey Vitalievich Korotayev (Russian: Андре́й Вита́льевич Корота́ев; born February 17, 1961) is a Russian anthropologist, economic historian, and sociologist, with major contributions to world-sy...
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Jean-Baptiste Troppmann
Jean-Baptiste Troppmann was a French spree killer born in 1848 and executed on January 19, 1870.His crimes are referenced in Mikhail Bakunin's book God and the State, and his execution was witnessed a...
Reason and Revolution
Reason and Revolution: Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory is a 1941 book by Herbert Marcuse.
Marcuse discusses the social and political ideas of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He criticizes the t...
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Paul Avrich
Paul Avrich (August 4, 1931 – February 16, 2006) was a professor and historian. He taught at Queens College, City University of New York, for most of his life and was vital in preserving the history o...
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Crane Brinton
Clarence Crane Brinton (Winsted, Connecticut, 1898 - Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 7, 1968) was an American historian of France, as well as an historian of ideas. His most famous work, The Anato...
Alain Badiou
Alain Badiou ([alɛ̃ badju]   ; born 17 January 1937) is a French philosopher, formerly chair of Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure (ENS). Badiou has written about the concepts of bei...
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Chicago Eight
The Chicago Seven (originally Chicago Eight, also Conspiracy Eight/Conspiracy Seven) were seven defendants—Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee ...
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Camilo Cienfuegos
Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán ([kaˈmilo sjenˈfweɣos ɡorjaˈɾan]; February 6, 1932 – October 28, 1959) was a Cuban revolutionary born in Lawton, Havana. Raised in an anarchist family that had left Spain b...
Camilo Cienfuegos - Wikipedia
The Aesthetic Dimension
The Aesthetic Dimension: Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics (German: Die Permanenz der Kunst: Wider eine bestimmte Marxistische Ästhetik) is a 1977 book on aesthetics by philosopher Herbert M...
The Aesthetic Dimension - Wikipedia
Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (July 6, 1888 – February 24, 1973) was a historian and social philosopher, whose work spanned the disciplines of history, theology, sociology, linguistics and beyond. Born in ...
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God and the State
God and the State is the best-known literary work of Russian anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin.
God and the State was written between February and March 1871. It was originally written as Part II of a gr...
God and the State - Wikipedia
Carlos Marighella
Carlos Marighella (5 December 1911 – 4 November 1969) was a Brazilian Marxist revolutionary and writer.Marighella's most famous contribution to guerrilla literature was the Minimanual of the Urb...
Philippe Buonarroti
Filippo Giuseppe Maria Ludovico Buonarroti, more usually referred to under the French version Philippe Buonarroti (11 November 1761 – 16 September 1837), was an Italian utopian socialist, writer, agit...
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Counterrevolution and Revolt
Counterrevolution and Revolt is a 1972 book by philosopher Herbert Marcuse.
Marcuse, in contrast to his previous works, retreats from advocating revolutionary violence and confrontation as a way o...
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La Coubre explosion
The freighter La Coubre (sometimes erroneously called "Le Coubre") exploded at 3:10 p.m. on 4 March 1960, while it was being unloaded in Havana harbor, Cuba. This 4,310-ton French vessel was carrying ...