Highway 90 (Israel)
Route 90 is the longest Israeli road, at about 480 km, and stretches from Metula and the northern border with Lebanon, along the western side of the Sea of Galilee, through the Jordan River Valle...
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Route 959 (Israel)
Route 959 is a regional east-west highway in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It proceeds from Gonen junction in the west until Baron Junction (pronounced "bar-OWN") in the east.
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Route 417 (Israel)
Route 417 (Hebrew: כביש 417‎, "Kvish Arba'-Achat-Sheva'") is an intercity road in Israel and the West Bank that stretches from the west side of Jerusalem to Ma'ale Adumim and Highway 1 east ...
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Allon Road
Allon Road is the name given by Israel to Routes 458, 508, and 578 in the West Bank, running roughly south-north along the eastern watershed of the Samarian and Judaean Mountains between Highway 1 nea...
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