Romanesque art
Romanesque art is the art of Europe from approximately 1000 AD to the rise of the Gothic style in the 13th century, or later, depending on region.The preceding period is usually known as the Pre-Roma...
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Heirs of Jewish art dealers sue Germany over art haul sold in Nazi era
The heirs call for the return of the so-called Welfenschatz, or Guelph Treasure - which they claim their ancestors sold under Nazi pressure
Selection of images from the Hunterian Psalter
The Hunterian Psalter is a twelfth century illuminated manuscript, thought to have been produced in England c. 1170. It is regarded as the greatest treasure of William Hunter's (1718-83) magnificent l...
Gniezno Doors - Drzwi Gnieźnieńskie - Porta Regia - Gniezno Doors, XII w./2/- Detale & Perotinus, XII/XIII w. !
II - Locating the origin of the doors has been the subject of much discussion. It is clear that their style derives from the Mosan area in modern Belgium and...
Pre-Romanesque art
Pre-Romanesque architecture in Asturias is framed between the years 711 and 910, the period of the rise, extension and disappearance of the kingdom of Asturias.
Illuminated manuscripts
Images of the production of midieval manuscripts. From the making of Parchment to the illumination process.
Gothic art The Gothic period was tremendously culturally productive, in painting, sculpture, architecture and illuminated manuscripts. Thes...
Romanesque architecture
Arquitectura Románica. Vídeo sobre algunas de las claves del románico. (Vídeo de Arteguias, HQ, Alta Calidad)
Pre-Romanesque art
Pre-Romanesque art and architecture is the period in European art from either the emergence of the Merovingian kingdom in about 500 CE or from the Carolingian Renaissance in the late 8th century, to t...
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Romanesque architecture
Romanesque architecture is an architectural style of medieval Europe characterized by semi-circular arches. There is no consensus for the beginning date of the Romanesque architecture, with proposals ...
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Norman architecture
The term Norman architecture is used to categorise styles of Romanesque architecture developed by the Normans in the various lands under their dominion or influence in the 11th and 12th centuries. In ...
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Illuminated manuscript
An engrossed or illuminated manuscript is a manuscript in which the text is supplemented with such decoration as initials, borders (marginalia) and miniature illustrations. In the strictest definition...
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Lucchese School
The Lucchese School, also known as the School of Lucca and as the Pisan-Lucchese School, was a school of painting and sculpture that flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries in western and southern T...
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Mosan art
Mosan art is a regional style of art from the valley of the Meuse in present-day Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Although in a broader sense the term applies to art from this region from all pe...
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Renaissance of the 12th century
The Renaissance of the 12th century was a period of many changes at the outset of the High Middle Ages. It included social, political and economic transformations, and an intellectual revitalization o...
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Ars antiqua
Ars antiqua, also called ars veterum or ars vetus, is a term used by modern scholars to refer to the music of Europe of the late Middle Ages between approximately 1170, and 1310, covering the period o...
The Romano-Gothic is term sometimes used for the architectural style, also called Early Gothic, which evolved in Europe in the 12th century from the Romanesque style, and was an early style in Gothic ...
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Romanesque Revival architecture
Romanesque Revival (or Neo-Romanesque) is a style of building employed beginning in the mid-19th century inspired by the 11th and 12th century Romanesque architecture. Unlike the historic Romanesque ...
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Gothic art
Gothic art was a style of Medieval art that developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art in the 12th century AD, led by the concurrent development of Gothic architecture. It spread to all of W...
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Heirs of Jewish art dealers sue Germany over art haul sold in Nazi era
The heirs call for the return of the so-called Welfenschatz, or Guelph Treasure - which they claim their ancestors sold under Nazi pressure
Waseca County Courthouse
The Waseca County Courthouse, located at 307 North State Street in the city of Waseca, Waseca County in the U.S. state of Minnesota is a two-story Kasota limestone and buff-colored brick building with...
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First Romanesque
One of the first streams of Romanesque architecture in Europe from the 10th century and the beginning of 11th century is called First Romanesque or Lombard Romanesque. It took place in the region of L...
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Othelric (fl. ca. 1180) was a Romanesque stone sculptor, working in Västergötland, present-day Sweden.
Very little is known about who this stone sculptor was. His name is derived from a signed tym...
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