List of massacres in Romania
The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Romania (numbers may be approximate):
The massacre was committed by the Romanian soldiers.
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Wietenberg culture
The Wietenberg culture was a Middle Bronze Age archeological culture in Central Transylvania that roughly dates to 2200–1600/1500 BCE. Represented a local variant of Usatovo culture and was replaced b...
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Romania in the Early Middle Ages
The Early Middle Ages in Romania started with the withdrawal of the Roman troops and administration from Dacia province in the AD 270s. In the next millennium a series of peoples, most of whom only co...
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Vîrnav is the name of an old Romanian aristocratic family. Its first notable member, Petrache Vîrnav, established himself in modern-day northern Moldavia in 1802. His descendent Nicu Vîrnav donated on...
Scarlat Ghica
Prince Scarlat Ghica was a Prince of Moldavia (2 March 1757 – 7 August 1758), and twice Prince of Wallachia (August 1758 – 5 June 1761; 18 August 1765 – 2 December 1766). He was a member of the Ghica ...
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List of medieval roads in Romania
This is a list of medieval roads in Romania, roads that were in used as trade routes during the Middle Ages in the territory of today's Romania.
Moise of Wallachia
Moise (died August 29, 1530) was a Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia from January or March 1529 to June 1530, son of Vladislav III. His rule marks the willingness of the boyars to compromise, in order to ...
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Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Romania (1941–44)
This article discusses the administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Romania between 1941 and 1944. As a result of the Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina (28 June-4 July 1940), Sec...
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Nicholas Alexander of Wallachia
Nicholas Alexander (Romanian: Nicolae Alexandru) was a Prince of Wallachia between 1352 and November 1364, after having been associate ruler to his father Basarab I.In the year 1359, he founded th...
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Ionică Tăutu
Ionică Tăutu (usual rendition of Ion Tăutu; 1798—1828) was a Moldavian low-ranking boyar, Enlightenment-inspired pamphleteer, and craftsman ("an engineer by trade", according to Alecu Russo).
Mesolithic Europe
In archeology, mesolithic (Greek: mesos "middle", lithos "stone") is the culture between paleolithic and neolithic. The term "Epipaleolithic" is often used for areas outside northern Europe but was al...
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Rulers of Transylvania
List of rulers of Transylvania, from the 10th century, until 1918.
Before 1556, the administration of the eastern parts of the Hungarian Kingdom, referred as Partes Transsylvana (Latin for "parts ...
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Historical Romanian taxes
This is a glossary of historical Romanian taxes used in the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.