Romanian Jews
The history of the Jews in Romania concerns the Jews both of Romania and of Romanian origins, from their first mention on what is present-day Romanian territory. Minimal until the 18th century, the si...
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Mozart Piano Concerto No 23 A major K 488 Radu Lupu, Sándor Végh , Wiener Philamoniker
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No 23 A major K 488 Radu Lupu, piano Sándor Végh conducts Wiener Philamoniker Allegro in A major 0:00 Adagio in F-sharp minor 11:29 Allegro assai in A and alla ...
Alessandro Haber
(di Paolo Conte)
György Ligeti - Solo cello sonata
Ignacy Grzelazka plays Ligeti cello solo sonata 2nd mov.
György Ligeti - Apparitions for orchestra
My music video for Gyorgy Ligeti's Apparitions for Orchestra
String Quartet No. 2 (Ligeti)
György Ligeti's String Quartet No. 2 is a string quartet that was composed between February and August 1968. It consists of five movements:It is approximately 21 minutes in duration. It is dedicated t...
Constantin Daniel Rosenthal
Constantin Daniel Rosenthal (b. Pest, Austrian Empire: Rosenthal Konstantin, 1820 – July 23, 1851) was a Romanian painter and sculptor of Austrian-Jewish birth and a 1848 revolutionary, best kno...
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Josef Mundy
Josef Mundy (born 1935, Bucharest, Romania – d. 1994, New York City, New York) was an Israeli author and playwright.Josef Mundy was born in Bucharest to a prosperous family. At the age of 16 he immigr...
Jean Weinberg
Jeanne Weinberg was a renowned Romanian Jewish photographer.Weinberg owned the Foto Français studio in the Pera (currently known as Beyoğlu) district of Istanbul. In 1926, he hired Austrian photograph...
Agi Mishol
Agi Mishol (Hebrew: אגי משעול‎) (born 1947) is an Israeli poet.
Agnes (Agi) Fried (later Mishol) was born in Transylvania, Romania, to Hungarian-speaking parents who survived the Holocau...
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Leonte Răutu
Leonte Răutu (until 1945 Lev Nikolayevich (Nicolaievici) Oigenstein; February 28, 1910 – 1993) was a Bessarabian-born Romanian communist activist and propagandist. He was chief ideologist of the ...
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Aaron Aaronsohn
Aaron Aaronsohn (Hebrew: אהרון אהרנסון‎) (1876 - 15 May 1919) was a Romanian Jewish agronomist, botanist, and Zionist activist. Aaronsohn was the discoverer of wild emmer (Triticum dicoccoi...
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