Constantin Al. Ionescu-Caion
Constantin Al. Ionescu-Caion ([konstanˈtin al i.oˈnesku kaˈjon], born Constantin Alexandru Ionescu and commonly known as Caion; 1882 – November or December 1918) was a Romanian journalist and poet, pr...
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Ioan Manu
Ioan M. Manu, also known as Iancu Manu (1803 – November 29 O.S., 1874), was a Romanian boyar and politician.
He was the son of Mihail G. Manu, born into a family of Venetian origins that ha...
Poema rondelurilor
Poema rondelurilor is the title of a 1927 collection of rondel cycles by the Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski. It contains the following rondels divided into the following cycles:
Ion Minulescu
Ion Minulescu ([iˈon minuˈlesku]; 6 January 1881 – 11 April 1944) was a Romanian avant-garde poet, novelist, short story writer, journalist, literary critic, and playwright. Often publishing his works...
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Vasile Cijevschi
Vasile Cijevschi (also credited as Cijevski or Tchizhevsky; October 17, 1881 – July 14, 1931) was a Bessarabian and Romanian politician, administrator and writer. Originally a career officer in the Ru...
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Liviu Rebreanu
Liviu Rebreanu ([ˈliviw reˈbre̯anu]; November 27, 1885 – September 1, 1944) was a Romanian novelist, playwright, short story writer, and journalist.
Born in Târlișua (Hungarian: Felsőilosva; c...
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