Sesto Pals
Sesto Pals, pen name of Simion (or Semion) Șestopali (born Шестопаль, also rendered as S(h)estopal, Sestopaly, or Sestopali; ca. 1912 – October 27, 2002), was a Russian-born Romanian and Israeli write...
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Poema rondelurilor
Poema rondelurilor is the title of a 1927 collection of rondel cycles by the Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski. It contains the following rondels divided into the following cycles:
Virgil Madgearu
Virgil Traian N. Madgearu ([virˈd͡ʒil maˈd͡ʒe̯aru]; December 14, 1887 – November 27, 1940) was a Romanian economist, sociologist, and left-wing politician, prominent member and main theorist of ...
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Ion Călugăru
Ion Călugăru ([iˈon kəˈluɡəru]; born Ștrul Leiba Croitoru, also known as Buium sin Strul-Leiba Croitoru, B. Croitoru; February 14, 1902 – May 22, 1956) was a Romanian novelist, short story writer, jou...
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Cristian Tudor Popescu
Cristian Tudor Popescu ([kristiˈan ˈtudor poˈpesku]; often nicknamed CTP; born October 1, 1956) is a Romanian journalist, essayist and short-story writer. Author of science fiction stories during his...
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Delia Grigore
Delia Grigore (Romani: Deliya Grigore; born February 7, 1972 in Galaţi) is a Romanian Romani writer, philologist, academic and Romani rights activist.
Delia Grigore grew up under the Romanian comm...
Ion Ghica
Ion Ghica ([iˈon ˈɡika]; August 12, 1816 – May 7, 1897) was a Romanian revolutionary, mathematician, diplomat and politician, who was Prime Minister of Romania five times. He was a full member of the ...
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Breban may refer to:
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Igor Ursenco
Igor Ursenco (born 9 February 1971) is a Moldovan-born Romanian poet, fiction writer, screenwriter, culturologist, pedagogue, political analyst, and polyglot translator. The matrilineal descendant fr...
Geo Bogza
Geo Bogza ([ˈd͡ʒe.o ˈboɡza]; born Gheorghe Bogza; February 6, 1908 – September 14, 1993) was a Romanian avant-garde theorist, poet, and journalist, known for his left-wing and communist political conv...
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