Vasile Pogor
Vasile V. Pogor (Francized Basile Pogor; August 20, 1833 – March 20, 1906) was a Moldavian-born Romanian poet, philosopher, translator and liberal conservative politician, one of the founders of Junim...
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Alexandru Philippide
Alexandru I. Philippide (May 1, 1859 – August 12, 1933) was a Romanian linguist and philologist. Educated in Iași and Halle, he taught high school for several years until 1893, when he secured a profe...
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Lucian Boia
Lucian Boia (born 1 February 1944, Bucharest) is a Romanian historian.
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Alex Mihai Stoenescu
Alex Mihai Stoenescu (born October 2, 1953) is a Romanian historian, writer, journalist and politician.
According to his own admission, Stoenescu collaborated with the Securitate in 1984, while he...