Radu Florescu
Radu Florescu (23 October 1925 – 18 May 2014) was a Romanian academic who held the position of Emeritus Professor of History at Boston College, where he gained worldwide renown for his work on Vlad Dr...
Dan Berindei
Dan Berindei (born 3 November 1923 in Bucharest) is a Romanian historian who has been a titular member of the Romanian Academy since 1992.
George Murnu
George Murnu (Aromanian: Ioryi al Murnu; 1 January 1868, Veria, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire, now in Greece – 17 November 1957, Bucharest) was a Romanian university professor, archaeologist, histo...
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Christian Mititelu
Christian Gheorghe Mititelu (b. Bucharest, April 11, 1944) is a Romanian journalist. He was the director of Romanian department of the BBC.
He attended Polytechnic University of Bucharest between ...
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