Toni Tecuceanu
Aurelian-Antonio Tecuceanu (13 January 1972 – 5 January 2010), also known as Toni, was a Romanian comedy actor. He was a member of Cronica Cârcotaşilor, a popular sitcom at Prima TV. On 5 January 2010...
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Loránd Lohinszky
Loránd Rudolf Lohinszky (July 25, 1924 in Cluj – June 22, 2013 in Târgu Mureş) was a Romanian Merited Artist and university professor of Hungarian ethnicity.
Since 1954, until his death, he was th...
Toma Caragiu
Toma Caragiu ([ˈtoma karaˈd͡ʒi.u]; 21 August 1925 – 4 March 1977) was a prolific Romanian theatre, television and film actor.He was born in Ploiesti, Romania in an Aromanian family, from the Greek vil...
Geo Saizescu
Geo Saizescu (14 November 1932 – 23 September 2013) was a Romanian actor and film director. He appeared in 22 films between 1963 and 2009 and directed 16 films between 1953 and 2006.
Gheorghe Naghi
Gheorghe Naghi (born 18 August 1932) is a Romanian film director and actor. He directed 25 films between 1955 and 1991.
Grigore Vasiliu Birlic
Grigore Vasiliu Birlic ([ɡriˈɡore vasiˈli.u birˈlik]; January 24, 1905 in Fălticeni – February 14, 1970 in Bucharest) was a Romanian actor who appeared on stage, on television and in films. He w...
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